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My good mate Max  Max is an old photographer turned camera tech/guru. haha Greatest old guy, good for a coffee and a yarn. ;)  Taken with my Sony a7r using my Contax ML Zeiss 50mm f1.7 manual focus lens

My good mate Max Max is an old photographer turned camera tech/guru. haha Greatest old guy, good for a coffee and a yarn. 😉 Taken with my Sony a7r using my Contax ML Zeiss 50mm f1.7 manual focus lens

My first play with my dream camera, the Sony A7r!

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Ever since I first got into the Sony Nex system cameras early in their inception with the Nex5, I knew there was something special about these little cameras and their 18mm e mount. Packing the power of an apsc dslr sized sensor into a tiny package that can easily be thrown in your girlfriends handbag, it was pretty easy for me to fall in love with it. The only thing that held it back was the lack of lenses. We originally started out with the 16mm 2.8 prime and the 18-55mm kit zoom. The zoom is satisfactory but the surprise of the two was the great little 16mm f2.8 prime lens, which is a great little wide angle.

Wanting something more but disappointed with the lens selection available I turned to third party manufactures after Sony made the prophetic decision to make the e mount spec freely available for third party manufacturers to produce for.

Jess and Simon’s wedding…

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This past weekend I got the opportunity to travel down to Margaret River for the wedding of two close friends of ours, Jess and Simon. The ceremony and the reception were held at the beautiful Vasse Felix estate at this perfect time of year.

As is most often usual I took my two trusty nex’s, my Nex5 and my Nex5n.

A new acquisition: Zeiss Pancolar 50 1.8 Initial test

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Just last Friday afternoon this nifty little Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f1.8 in m42 mount arrived on my doorstep.

I had scored it for a fair price on the old eBay and was keen to give it a quick test run. Being Friday afternoon and that Lisa and I were off work as we were off to a friends wedding the next morning it seemed like the perfect time to take it out for a quick shoot, so we decided to go down to the pub for a quick beer while at it. haha

Rumors… my dream system… Full Frame Sony Nex and new Zeiss lenses on the way!


Sony Alpha Rumors full frame nex image
(source and image from Sony Alpha Rumors)

There has been speculation since at least august of last year that Sony was working on the creme de la creme of the Nex system, what is rumored to be the all new Nex9 full-frame mirror-less Sony Nex, and now this rumor has heated up with the recent announcement that Sony has indeed signed on for Zeiss to make 3 new E-mount lenses for full frame scheduled for release in early 2014. Couple this with the rumors that full frame Nex prototypes are already about and being tested this makes me very excited. It is rumored that Sony is in the final stage of development and that there are 2 prototypes making their rounds being tested, one with the already established fantastic 24.3 mp Sony full frame sensor found in the all new RX1 and A99, and another prototype with an all new 30-32mp sensor. The people in the know suggest that Sony is leaning towards the established 24.3mp sensor with upgraded dynamic range and faster phase detect AF.

For the neigh sayers who dispute that the E-mount cannot cover full frame, please direct your attention to Sony’s line of camcorders using the e-mount, namely the newest addition the VG-900, a full frame pro-sumer camcorder using Sony’s proprietary e-mount. This coupled with the announcement of the full frame e-mount Zeiss lenses scheduled for 2014 only bolsters the rumors that the new Full Frame Nex is almost upon us. I would like to personally speculate that the new Nex’s designation will be the Nex9 as this seems to fit with Sony’s numbering process. The Nex3’s seem to sit squarely in line with that of their SLT A38 similarly the Nex5 seems to sit in line with similar tech and sensor to the A58 and thusly the same goes for the Nex7 and the A77. This leads me to speculate that the new Nex will in fact be a Nex9 bringing it in line with the Sony A99 full frame SLT and VG-900 full frame camcorder.

It is said that the new Nex full frame is a bit larger than the nex7 the current king of the Nex’s with a similar body design. Apparently it will have a crop mode so current e-mount aps-c lenses can still be used on it as well as all new full frame Zeiss lenses. It is also rumored that the new Nex will carry some all new key technology that we have yet to see in any Sony cameras to date.

For me this just gets me giddy with excitement. I have fallen in love with the Nex system ever since Lisa and I bought the original Nex5 when it was first released, and again with my purchase of the upgraded Nex5n. It’s lenses are great, It is a fantastic performer, it is light and small, you can carry it any where and due to the small flange distance, you can also use a plethora of old legacy manual focus glass on it to get shots full of character you just cannot achieve with modern glass and you can even get the Sony Alpha A-mount adapter that lets you use all of their fantastic Alpha full frame glass and even have it auto focus on the Nex, it truly is an amazing system. There have really only been 2 drawbacks for me. In the past there was no viewfinder you always had to shoot using the tilt screen, this never bothered me too much as I find myself shooting it from the hip much like you would an old Hasselblad, however sometimes I feel somewhat disconnected from the process and crave an eye level finder. This was corrected in the Nex7 and now the all new Nex6, effectively a Nex5n with a built in EVF. The final problem for me was the APS-C sensor, don’t get me wrong both the old 14mp and the new 16mp sensor have been outstanding performers for giving me phenomenal rendering at all times however it is the 1.5X crop factor that gets to me a little in the end and the slightly long depth of field (in comparison to full frame). So I have dreamed and dreamed of Sony one day releasing a full frame Nex, one that gives me all the portability of the Nex line and the versatilely of the e-mount short flange distance with the added bonus of all my great lenses being their actual focal length and giving me their true depth of field, combine this with what is believed to be about 1 stop of extra light gathering power of a full frame sensor over an APS-C and you have one huge advantage over the previous APS-C Nex’s. Top this off with Sony releasing 3 new full frame e-mount lenses and all of a sudden you start looking at a very mature system that can rival the best of the best and even rattle a few cages, maybe this truly could become the ‘poor mans Leica’? This is the move that Sony could make that would truly revolutionize the camera world forever.

I will keep you all updated as I hear more as we get closer to 2014. We can only hope all this rumor mongering comes true.

1 Day in 1 Roll : Event #1 ….and #2

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So as some of you may remember from my last update post, I had created a facebook group called 1 Day in 1 Roll where we go out once a month and each member shoots a whole roll in one day then has it developed the subsequent week. Our first outing was Saturday October 27th, and I was pretty amazed that we got the 12 participants that we did, as I had only started the group a week and a half earlier. haha

As the rolls came back from dev. and people showed there shots, I was simply amazed at some of the work. We had everything from b&w to lomo, from 35mm to medium format. It was quite inspiring looking through some of the work.

I will not show others work here, as I have not asked their permission and I know how some are about sharing their images on the net, so I will share with you my roll/s.

It was relatively early for us, when Lisa and I went out to shoot our rolls, for a Saturday that is. We had decided to head into Northbridge as we had not been there as a shooting destination yet. It turned out to be quite fantastic actually. There is some great sculpture work on display at the moment.
After heading out of Northbridge, we crossed the tracks and did a round through Peth too.

This album was taken for the first of hopefully many 1 day in 1 roll events. I would like to share with you all my roll that I shot for our 1 Day in 1 Roll – Event #1 All shots were taken on my Minolta X700 using my Minolta 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens on Peruts Primera 200iso film Expired 2008 but cold stored. I think the film performed quite well, however I fear my trusty X700 is developing a light leak. May have to be off to Max. I was mainly out for a street shoot, however you will notice I started having a play with Depth and Depth of Field. All in all I think it was a great day, had a few set-backs but still turned out to be another positive experience. I hope you all enjoy having a look.

Anyway, I loaded up a camera for Lisa too, my Contax 137MD with super lucky 100iso film, however in the end she decided she did not want to shoot it… So I shot it as well. haha
Here it is:

It has now taken me that long to finally get all the pics up to photobucket, that we have since had our Second event on Saturday the 17th of November. The group decided on this date as many wanted to shoot the Beaufort street festival. I had to record with my drummer on this day say was doubtful I’d get out to shoot a roll. I got just enough time at the end of the day to go finish a roll of kodak pro image 100 I had previously loaded into my trusty Minolta X700. I shot these with the 35-70mm manual zoom lens, the last image is a 12 image stitch I took of Lake Joondalup from Neil Hawkins park:

If you think you might like to be a part of our little group, please do join us here: 1 Day, 1 Roll group
I hope you enjoyed my little play with film for the first two events of our fun little film shooting group.