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Short skate vid. “saturday sesh”

I cannot believe I had not posted this yet. I shot this a few weeks back now, it must have totally slipped my mind some how.
Anyway, my brother Liam and I caught up for a few beers on a Saturday afternoon about a month ago now. Liam is a keen skater and is in fact currently training to compete in Canada in 8 months. Well, Liam decided to have a bit of a skate in the park, practice a little bit of his freestyle, and I thought I would practice my video skills with some manual lenses. I shot this on my Nex5n with my Minolta 16mm f2.8 fish eye and my Nex5 using my Asahi 35mm f2 Takumar. I edited it in Power Director 9. I am quite happy with how it came out in the end. The Asahi 35mm f2 was great to shoot with, my copy is very smooth focusing which made tracking easy. The Minolta 16mm f2.8 also again is great, but I have found this lens to be nothing but fantastic when pairing with the Nex5n ever since I first put the combo together. I have not done much video, but am definitely enjoying learning, I find the nex platform great for this, the focus peaking is fantastic. The audio track is Ontology by The Advaita Concept.

Saturday Sesh from Joshua Perera Photography on Vimeo.

An Original Collaboration… A new adventure into video production!

I recently had a mate approach me to help him with a performance project for a Western Australian Performing Arts Academy assessment.
He was to produce the audio and he was to collaborate with a local visual artist of some kind to create the visuals to go with it.
He asked me if I would help him out.
He gave me some basic criteria of what he desired and off I went.

It is a layering of a couple of pieces of video I shot on my Sony Nex5 with my Asahi Takumar 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens and my Pentax KX with my Pentax SMC F 35-135 macro zoom lens. As well as stills shot on my Minolta X700 with my Minolta 50mm F1.4 manual lens and 50mm F2 lens on both Fuji pro 160s and Ilford XP2 400 B&W film along with B&W stills from the Nex5 with my Asahi Takumar 50mm f1.4. I also incorporated some simple effects I made in after effects and some transitions from my basic director compiling program.

The theme/story I was going for was nature overrunning urban decay and our retrospect from our future technological selves. I was trying to stick to the guidelines given to me…but the audio just kept giving me this alien kind of vibe. So I like to look at this as though you are viewing the decay of mankind and the reclamation of nature through some futuristic alien looking device. But that is just the feelings I got from this fun little project.

I am quite happy with the results as I am mainly a still shooter and only really dabble in playing with making video.

I like to see how other people perceive it too, so please give me your comments. Isn’t that the magic of art, perception?

I hope you enjoy. 😀

A guitar play through: A video I made this afternoon…

I’d been thinking about it for a while, but as of yet had not found the time. So when I found myself twiddling my thumbs and refreshing the internet this afternoon, the thought came to me that I should just go get it done. It was time for me to shoot a guitar play through of my bands latest single, ‘As One’.

Thinking about how I was going to setup as I walked to my camera/lens/tool desk, the first thing I decided was I needed to use an auto lens since I was going to be shooting myself playing the guitar. I figured using the kit 18-55mm was the best choice, as it would make it easier to make frame adjustments as I line the camera up to shoot myself. Next thing I pulled a stool into my home studio ‘Isolation Studios’ and set my small pod stand up on top of the stool with my Nex-5 and 18-55mm kit zoom aimed in the general direction of where I would be playing. Next thing I cued up track on my DAW to play through my PA, setup my amp and tuned my guitar, then did this little trick with my wireless mouse where I place the cursor on top of the play button then carefully lift the mouse up and walk away. Now I can just click the left mouse button to start after I have pushed record on the camera.

It took me a few goes to get the framing right, but I got it in the end. I purposefully chose to chop my head out as I wanted the focus to be on the fretboard and what was being played. I think all in all the final product works for it’s intended purpose, and I am quite proud of it. As I produced the song in my home studio and now I have shot my own guitar play through vid too. I hope you enjoy!


You can check out more from my band, ‘From Isolation’ here: