Minolta X700: Unexpected great old performer.

Cameras, Film

Last Monday my Minolta X700 film slr/rangefinder arrived in the mail along with the 10 rolls of Agfa Vista film. To say I was excited upon getting home from work was an understatement. Firstly I was eager to try the Agfa film in comparison to the Fuji and Kodak I had shot and secondly as I was excited to see how my X700 would perform, as I wanted this camera to be my film camera that would take all my Minolta lenses.


Keen to get testing, I threw in a roll, mounted one of my Minolta 50mm f2 lenses and went about shooting anything and everything around the house and the street that I could find. I then took the roll in for developing when I picked up the four rolls from Kings park I had dropped off three days prior (that is another post that is coming). Upon collecting my developed photos, scanned to disc I was very impressed. Not only had the camera performed amazingly well with my Minolta 50mm the Agfa to me, appears to have the lowest grain register  out of all the films I have tried so far. I have since acquired some Ilford Xp2 black and white film and intend to use this camera for portraiture in the future, I was that impressed with the results.

This post is just a quick look at this camera and the results, which I am very happy with.