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Systemic – An Impressive Debut from Perth band ‘Define My Addiction’!

I know I have fallen way behind on cd reviews lately. Sorry for that guys, been real busy with work and the search for a new bass player over in the From Isolation camp. I also have to confess that I misplaced this disc for some time which delayed the review too, I turned the house upside down before I found it again. So I appologise again for my tardiness, anyway enough with the admissions, on with the review.

The band describe themselves as:
Define My Addiction are a cataclysmic display of heavy grooves, soaring hooks and riff driven, clown based melody crossed with tourettes-like punctuation.

The concept of ‘All-Star’ bands in the Perth scene is not a new concept, but one I seem to see cropping up more frequently as of late. This is probably more a point of the fact that as I age (sadly, haha), more of the musicians I came up through the scene with are now teaming up on new projects. So these projects seem to me to be made up of all duly credited musicians thus earn them a little bit of an ‘All-Star’ band status in my mind.

One such band that I have been all too keen to review is Define My Addiction. ComprisingĀ  Jon Mazzardis on vocals previously fronting ‘In A Moment/Factious‘ and currently also fronting ‘Arkayan‘, Jonathon Koch features on guitars, Jaxon Boin on bass and Tim Birrell is their drum assailant all of previous ‘Saturation Point‘ fame.

Their debut offering ‘Systemic‘ is a full length offering, which is impressive, as many opt for the good old EP for their first release. This is definitely a progressive record, ranging from Chilli Peppers‘esque moments to an almost Machine Head kind of vibe in the heavy sections. Mazzardis’ vocals titter from sweet, soft and sublime one minute, to gritty and commanding the next and some how reminiscent of Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan. Koch’s guitars are punchy, clear and well defined, some of his melodic lead runs on this record are incredibly impressive. The bass pounded out by Jaxon Boin sits out clearly in the mix, which is a refreshing change from the typical attitude of hiding the bass under the mix, you will find this is however due to the impeccable quality of Jaxon’s playing on this album. The drums on this record are well balanced and there is a definite feel of finesse to Birrell’s playing, Bludgeoning and fat to light and airy all with seeming ease. The mix must be commended, this is an outstanding sounding record and kudos must go to Al Smith @ Bergerk studios for mixing and mastering.

I think the finale track ‘Nameless‘ would have to be the standout for me. Opening with these nice shredding guitars, pounding drums & bass and closely followed by Jon’s brutal, grating screams. All running out into a nice melodic lead run verse, which intern leads into a fantastic bass led clean section, absolutely sublime. Definitely flavors of the ‘Chilli Peppers‘ here and not in copy way, in a completely unique and enjoyable way, yet while still maintaining that desired flavour. Fantastic, mature song writing. Two thumbs up.

If your into heavy, progressive, metal tinged rock, I would definitely suggest checking these guys out. This is a killer record from a fantastic band that is just getting started. We look forward to more great things from Define My Addiction

You can check out the band on their Facebook page for all the latest details about shows, releases etc.

Systemic is out now, make sure you grab your copy!