Strawberry Fields…

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I still do not hate good old portra 160 for landscapes. :) Taken on Portra 160 with my Pentax Z1-P using my Sigma 24-70mm Developed and scanned by Valentines Camera house in fremantle. :)

I do love to shoot the strawberry fields when they are planted out. The great lines and colour…and who doesn’t love a good strawberry… also I still do not hate good old portra 160 film in 35mm for landscapes. 🙂 Taken on Portra 160 with my Pentax Z1-P using my Sigma 24-70mm Developed and scanned by Valentines Camera house in Fremantle.



Initial tests of my Quantaray (sigma) 70-200 f2.8-3.5

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So I usually do not really go for zooms. I most definitely consider myself a prime man. However in the not too distant future I have some jobs coming up where I have to shoot some wedding videos for friends. I occurred to me that maybe some zooms may be good for this, so I have gone about collecting a few different types to try. I have collected some fast ones like this f2.8 to see if the speed is desirable and some constant aperture ones to see if that is more desirable. Over the coming weeks I will be testing these lenses and putting them through their paces. My first initial test is of my recently acquired Quantaray 70-200 f2.8-3.5 manual focus push pull zoom.
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Iso 100, f4, 1/125, 70mm

Through doing some research I have come across many reports stating that Quantaray was the re-branding name used by Ritz camera stores through Europe.

Great pick-up: Photo-market in leaderville!

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Last Sunday we were fortunate enough to have been informed of the Camera Swap-meet to be held at Leaderville Town Hall. We got down there nice and early in the hopes of still being able to pick-up a gem. The small hall was packed with many other photographers all searching for their own bargain. I saw some great cameras around some participants necks, even a Leica M9 amongst them! I was amazed at the amount of great lenses, cameras and accessories all out for sale. I personally was on the lookout for some auto lenses for my newly acquired Pentax KX.

After having walked around the hall twice browsing the contents of each table, I was drawn to one stand in particular. There perched in the middle of the table was an old Pentax MZ60 in perfect working order with two Sigma auto zooms the 70-210mm and 24-70mm, with case for $70. While I already owned an MZ60 for my collection, that was not in working condition, while this one was. What was the biggest bonus however, was the fact that by purchasing this little setup, not only did I acquire a great working film camera, but also two auto zooms that would work on my Pentax KX digital SLR. Of course I quickly ponied over the cash and made a swift exit from the markets, keen to go straight to my car and test these newly acquired Sigma auto zoom lenses out.

I was very happy to discover as soon as I mounted them on the KX that they both worked a treat. The only things worth shooting right there in the carpark were actually some beautiful roses. So initial test shots were of those. I was quite impressed right off the bat, but had a hankering for some breakfast and coffee. Into town we went, where I took a few more candid shots with the 70-210mm zoom while we walked to the cafe and whilst we waited for our order.

Heading home after quite a decent breakfast and coffee, we found ourselves passing Lake Monger. Not wanting to pass up the moment for a more thorough test shoot of this Sigma 70-210mm auto zoom lens I had just purchased, we pulled up for a bit more of a play. There are some beautiful birds here:

Shots from the Pentax KX with my newly acquired Sigma 70-210 auto zoom.



I had also acquired a Meyer-Gerlitz Orestegon 50mm f1.8 recently too. (not at the markets) Having that mounted on the Nex5, I pulled that out too and we had a bit of a test shoot with that too.

Shots from Nex5 with Meyer-Gerlitz Orestegon.

After this initial test shoot with the Sigma 70-210mm auto zoom on the Pentax KX I have to say I am very pleased with these results. As I am with the Meyer-Gerlitz Orestegon. I was told this lens was held in high regard for it’s rendering and after these quick test shots I can see why. I am very happy with my recent purchases!