…Melbourne trip 2013… an eerie recollection

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How can you not love the street art of Melbourne?

How can you not love the street art of Melbourne?

Having posted the photos from our recent Melbourne trip yesterday, it reminded me that I had never actually posted my snaps from the last time I went to Melbourne in 2013 as part of a work trip. It’s quite trippy how reminiscent both sets of images are I think. I only got a couple of hours to walk the streets on my own with my cam to make the most of it. I do not remember all the stories that go with these now, so instead will allow the images to speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

All images were taken on little sony Nex5n with my voigtlander 35mm 1.4, Jupiter 8 50mm f2 or Spiratone 20mm f2.8 manual focus lenses.

It’s about time I picked things back up…

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Wow, looking at my last post about getting my A7r being from November 2013, I feel almost ashamed knowing it is now early/mid October 2014 as I sit down to write this. Saying that, admittedly I was already starting to fall behind last year… I still have many great shots from a trip to Melbourne in October last year and a second lot from our trip to Margaret river last year amongst others from Nick and Kaylene’s wedding which we shot the video for etc. etc.. haha
I will have to get around to doing belated posts for some of these, I intend to make an effort to get back to more regular content on here.
(as usual click on images to see larger and sharper)

...old man walking;melbourne trip 2013

…old man walking;Melbourne trip 2013 – Nex5n w/voigtlander 35mm f1.4

Nick and Keylene's wedding nov 2013 - Sony A7r w/spiratone 17mm f3.2

Nick and Keylene’s wedding nov 2013 – Sony A7r w/spiratone 17mm f3.2

Winding out 2013 was a turbulent time I remember thinking as I was going through it.

Our overnighter in Margaret River, part 1. (nex5 with Minolta 21mm 2.8 with Lens Turbo adapter)

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As you would know from my last post, just the other week Lisa and I went down to stay in Margaret river for a night for our good friends Jess and Simon’s wedding.
It was good to get away, if even for just one night, and I was determined to make the most of it. I packed my new Sony camera backpack up with a decent selection of lenses along with my original Nex5 and my newer Nex5n, my trusty tools of choice 90% of the time. I the end I only really shot my Minolta 21mm 2.8 rectilinear wide angle on my Nex5 and my very recently arrived Zeiss Pancolar 50mm f1.8 which I recently shared test shots from here.
In this post I am just going to share my shots from my Nex5 with Minolta 21mm f2.8 from the trip. As I have stated in a few recent posts I have been testing the Zongyi/Mitakon Lens Turbo focal reducers, which effectively remove the crop factor from apsc allowing you to use your full frame lenses with the point of view more or less you would get from a full frame camera. The lens turbo also gives you an extra stop of speed, which can be handy for low light situations and really creating good subject separation. The adapters being an optical device is not without drawbacks, it accentuates soft edges if your lens does in fact have soft edges (I have tested whether it is lens dependent and it in fact is, more on this in a later post). It also is more prone to lens flare and thus light refractions resulting in a blue dot in your shots under certain lighting conditions, I affectionately refer to this phenomenon as the ‘blue dot of doom’. But more on this later when I get around to doing a proper review.

About 45minutes into our long drive down to Margaret river we reach the first rest stop after the point were the Kwinana freeway ends. We have stopped here before earlier in the year on our way down to Busselton with the band to play a show, only then I was limited to my Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 on regular adapter M mount adapter, perfectly fine, but not nice and wide for that expansive landscape feel. I was keen to play with re-shooting it with my Minolta 21mm 2.8 on lens turbo, to try to attain that really expansive feel. I had been keen to put this combination to use for landscapes. I do like the really wide feel this shot now achieves, although the softer edges do disappoint me a little. I would like to give this another crack in the future when I get an actual full frame Nex.
(as usual click on images to see larger and sharper)

Jess and Simon’s wedding…

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This past weekend I got the opportunity to travel down to Margaret River for the wedding of two close friends of ours, Jess and Simon. The ceremony and the reception were held at the beautiful Vasse Felix estate at this perfect time of year.

As is most often usual I took my two trusty nex’s, my Nex5 and my Nex5n.

Short skate vid. “saturday sesh”

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I cannot believe I had not posted this yet. I shot this a few weeks back now, it must have totally slipped my mind some how.
Anyway, my brother Liam and I caught up for a few beers on a Saturday afternoon about a month ago now. Liam is a keen skater and is in fact currently training to compete in Canada in 8 months. Well, Liam decided to have a bit of a skate in the park, practice a little bit of his freestyle, and I thought I would practice my video skills with some manual lenses. I shot this on my Nex5n with my Minolta 16mm f2.8 fish eye and my Nex5 using my Asahi 35mm f2 Takumar. I edited it in Power Director 9. I am quite happy with how it came out in the end. The Asahi 35mm f2 was great to shoot with, my copy is very smooth focusing which made tracking easy. The Minolta 16mm f2.8 also again is great, but I have found this lens to be nothing but fantastic when pairing with the Nex5n ever since I first put the combo together. I have not done much video, but am definitely enjoying learning, I find the nex platform great for this, the focus peaking is fantastic. The audio track is Ontology by The Advaita Concept.

Saturday Sesh from Joshua Perera Photography on Vimeo.

Sony Nex Fullframe announcement date released!!!

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I first off have to thank Sony alpha rumors for keeping us all up to date please check their post here: http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr4-nex-ff-camera-to-be-announced-on-september-24-tomorrow-zeiss-lens-specs/

My dreams are coming true. I have said it was coming for almost three years now since I first got my Sony Nex5, people have naysayed me, but I stayed true to my belief. I have invested in the Sony Nex system on this belief that it was coming and now finally we have an official date for the announcement of it’s release. Yes, that’s right, the Sony Nex full frame is coming and Sony have set the date to tell us all about it. We still have to wait a bit, but the date to watch out for is September 24th. Knowing Sony and their penchant for the theatrical, I have a funny feeling this date has more meaning to it than just being a date. I like to believe that they set the 24th as this new camera is going to have a 24 mega pixel full frame sensor. Now this is nothing but a hunch, but I would be very happy if it turned out to be true. So it is time to start saving for those who are as interested in this camera as I am. I have been saving all year and will now commit to saving the final amount. Sony if you are listening, I would be very happy if I had the opportunity to be one of the first purchasers as it would be like a dream come true if I could be among the first in the world to review what will surely be the camera that changes the game.

Along with this news, apparently tomorrow Sony Alpha Rumors will  be releasing the specs for the new Zeiss full frame e-mount lenses they have been designing and producing to go along with the release of this new fullframe nex. Make sure you keep an eye on their site for more details. I know I surely will.

I will post again when I have more details, but for now I am over the moon, my dream camera is coming. Till then, happy snapping. 🙂

Rumors… my dream system… Full Frame Sony Nex and new Zeiss lenses on the way!


Sony Alpha Rumors full frame nex image
(source and image from Sony Alpha Rumors)

There has been speculation since at least august of last year that Sony was working on the creme de la creme of the Nex system, what is rumored to be the all new Nex9 full-frame mirror-less Sony Nex, and now this rumor has heated up with the recent announcement that Sony has indeed signed on for Zeiss to make 3 new E-mount lenses for full frame scheduled for release in early 2014. Couple this with the rumors that full frame Nex prototypes are already about and being tested this makes me very excited. It is rumored that Sony is in the final stage of development and that there are 2 prototypes making their rounds being tested, one with the already established fantastic 24.3 mp Sony full frame sensor found in the all new RX1 and A99, and another prototype with an all new 30-32mp sensor. The people in the know suggest that Sony is leaning towards the established 24.3mp sensor with upgraded dynamic range and faster phase detect AF.

For the neigh sayers who dispute that the E-mount cannot cover full frame, please direct your attention to Sony’s line of camcorders using the e-mount, namely the newest addition the VG-900, a full frame pro-sumer camcorder using Sony’s proprietary e-mount. This coupled with the announcement of the full frame e-mount Zeiss lenses scheduled for 2014 only bolsters the rumors that the new Full Frame Nex is almost upon us. I would like to personally speculate that the new Nex’s designation will be the Nex9 as this seems to fit with Sony’s numbering process. The Nex3’s seem to sit squarely in line with that of their SLT A38 similarly the Nex5 seems to sit in line with similar tech and sensor to the A58 and thusly the same goes for the Nex7 and the A77. This leads me to speculate that the new Nex will in fact be a Nex9 bringing it in line with the Sony A99 full frame SLT and VG-900 full frame camcorder.

It is said that the new Nex full frame is a bit larger than the nex7 the current king of the Nex’s with a similar body design. Apparently it will have a crop mode so current e-mount aps-c lenses can still be used on it as well as all new full frame Zeiss lenses. It is also rumored that the new Nex will carry some all new key technology that we have yet to see in any Sony cameras to date.

For me this just gets me giddy with excitement. I have fallen in love with the Nex system ever since Lisa and I bought the original Nex5 when it was first released, and again with my purchase of the upgraded Nex5n. It’s lenses are great, It is a fantastic performer, it is light and small, you can carry it any where and due to the small flange distance, you can also use a plethora of old legacy manual focus glass on it to get shots full of character you just cannot achieve with modern glass and you can even get the Sony Alpha A-mount adapter that lets you use all of their fantastic Alpha full frame glass and even have it auto focus on the Nex, it truly is an amazing system. There have really only been 2 drawbacks for me. In the past there was no viewfinder you always had to shoot using the tilt screen, this never bothered me too much as I find myself shooting it from the hip much like you would an old Hasselblad, however sometimes I feel somewhat disconnected from the process and crave an eye level finder. This was corrected in the Nex7 and now the all new Nex6, effectively a Nex5n with a built in EVF. The final problem for me was the APS-C sensor, don’t get me wrong both the old 14mp and the new 16mp sensor have been outstanding performers for giving me phenomenal rendering at all times however it is the 1.5X crop factor that gets to me a little in the end and the slightly long depth of field (in comparison to full frame). So I have dreamed and dreamed of Sony one day releasing a full frame Nex, one that gives me all the portability of the Nex line and the versatilely of the e-mount short flange distance with the added bonus of all my great lenses being their actual focal length and giving me their true depth of field, combine this with what is believed to be about 1 stop of extra light gathering power of a full frame sensor over an APS-C and you have one huge advantage over the previous APS-C Nex’s. Top this off with Sony releasing 3 new full frame e-mount lenses and all of a sudden you start looking at a very mature system that can rival the best of the best and even rattle a few cages, maybe this truly could become the ‘poor mans Leica’? This is the move that Sony could make that would truly revolutionize the camera world forever.

I will keep you all updated as I hear more as we get closer to 2014. We can only hope all this rumor mongering comes true.

Slr magic 28mm 2.8 lens review – A phenomenal performer for the price

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If you have read my review of the Slr magic 35mm 1.7 lens, you will know that I shot exclusively with these 2 Slr magic lenses for the final 4 months of last year (2011). I thoroughly enjoyed shooting both lenses, they both are very complementary to the Nex camera. I find they both have very good contrast and colour when in comparison to the 2 kit lenses. As I explained in my review of the 35mm, I always for some reason reached for that one more, I guess it just seemed more fun. However that lens has some serious short comings that you will not really notice till you blow your image up on you PC screen, such as quite soft edges due to harsh vignetting and there is some barrel distortion. However like I said in that review, as long as you keep this in mind and make it work for you it is a terribly creative lens.

This lens is a different kettle of fish. It arrived well packaged and boxed in superb time along with their 35mm and again the first thing I was impressed by was the quality for such a cheap lens. The first thing you notice upon inspecting the lens is that it does not have your typical aperture blade, instead it seems to have an aperture disc that rotates to different cut aperture openings within it and this achieves aperture stops. While fine for still photo taking, I could see how this may hamper the lens’s effectiveness for footage, as when you change aperture you will actually close the lens to light as you move in between the click stops due to this disc for aperture. This ring seems to click into place nicely and sturdily and the focus ring turns smoothly and freely. So of course out I went, put the dog on the leash and off to the park for an initial round of test shooting. (I must apologise for not recording the aperture settings as the Nex does not do this for manual lenses. All photos taken from jpeg as the Nex raw could not be processed at the time, this has since been rectified.)

Iso 200    Sh.  Sp. 1/160

The first thing you notice is how nice and sharp and how articulated the front of this tree is, then you notice that creamy silky smooth, out of focus area or bokeh, as some refer to it, almost melts. The colour rendition is also truly supreme. It is funny how for some unknown reason I just didn’t reach for this lens as often as the 35mm when out shooting, as when I look back on all these test shots I am truly astounded at just how good this lens in that you can have for less than $150aus, brand new!
You will see why I rave so much when you see this next pic, I was throwing the ball for my dog and best mate ‘Dengis’ and in between his running about I was trying to snap a decent portrait of him eagerly anticipating the throw of the ball, I think this shot captures that moment quite well, from the whiskers on his nose, to the slobber and grass on his tongue from returning the ball, he such a happy character.

Iso 200    Sh. Sp. 1/320

Of course as you know if you read my review of the Slr magic 35mm lens I now had to do more shooting after such positive first time out test results. So I packed up my bag with my Nex-5 and my two new Slr Magic lenses and off I went into our city here in Western Australia, Perth, to do a more comprehensive test run. Having been shooting the 35mm for the first half of my trip into town, I now switched to my Slr magic 28mm. I was still at the sculptures I photographed in the 35mm review, so my first round of test shooting began there.

Iso 200   Sh. Sp. 1/4000

Iso 200   Sh. Sp. 1/4000

The first thing you notice from these test shots is how sharp this lens is in comparison to the 35mm, notice how clean and crisp the edges are. I really like the way it renders, however not much colour and light in this spot so I move on in search of something more vibrant to test this baby out on. The very next thing I come across when leaving the sculptures is this street that has cobbled stones, as opposed to the typical bitumen of the average roads, and has some classic, vintage looking buildings running up the sides. It is bright noon sun, however the colours look so earthy and warm, this lens renders this shot seamlessly.

Iso 200   Sh. Sp. 1/4000

Still this is not the colour I am in search of to really test the pop of this lens.  However along my journey across town in search of such a shot I stumble across this vibrant young street performer. Her smile is just beaming as she performs her martial arts dance, her skirt twirling about her as she speedily skips around. Perfect action shot scenario. So I take aim, focusing with the Nex manual focusing aids is a charm and with the well built, nice and smooth ring of this lens capturing a moving target is a breeze. I feel the lens captured this moment perfectly, from all the detail or her swinging skirt, to her vibrant outfit, to rendering the skin tones perfectly too.

Iso 200   Sh. Sp. 1/800

Iso 200  Sh. Sp. 1/1000

Wanting to test just how sharp this little sucker was, I then took aim at the city skyline to give me some nice right angles, so I could really test how sharp this lens was and see if there is any corner softness or distortion.

Iso 200   Sh. Sp. 1/4000

As you can see the copy I received is almost flawless, very sharp from corner to corner with almost nil line distortion.Very impressive for a lens of this price category. Not being done with this lens I had one more test up my sleeve.  I went back home, packed Lisa in the car on the premise of getting dinner, and headed on down to Scarborough beach as it got on to evening. I wanted to test how this lens would render evening low-light and basic portraiture. 

Iso 200    Sh. Sp. 1/80

This shot was actually taken while Lisa was meant to be pulling a face, but I snapped it while she was smiling instead, isn’t she beautiful? I love this shot, the out of focus area is smooth and creamy and the skin tones are warm and accurate, without reddening.

All in all this lens represents significant bang for buck. If you are chasing a lens for your Nex that is sharp from corner to corner, renders in a nice classic way and has great colour and contrast without breaking the bank, then I could not more highly recommend this lens. It meets all the requirements, with the only major drawback being the disc style aperture that could be a hindrance to capturing video. Looking back over these test shots I now feel the fool for not reaching for this lens more than it’s 35mm brother, it is clearly a Superior performer that I will be remembering to fit in my kit bag more often.


When shooting jewellery… you can never have enough light!

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So Lisa has been busy setting up her Etsy store for all the awesome jewellery she makes, so of course I offered to help with the taking of the photos.
Now having done this a few times I have learned a thing or two…

  1. Set your self up properly, make yourself a nice little rig for draping the jewelery, where you can aim plenty of lights.
  2. Get yourself a macro lens, you want to get really close to the subject. It is good to use a nice prime to shoot the object in a nice setting, but you want the macro to show the real detail in the product. For this, the nice close up macro shots were taken with my Vivitar 35-75 FOV FFL manual focus macro zoom lens, and the set shots with the flower and candle were taken with my Minolta 55mm 1.9 FOV FFL manual prime lens.
  3. Most importantly, you can never have too much light! Use whatever you can, as you can see I have even brought in a torch just to bring in some extra side light to help diffuse the shadow I was getting on the right side of the pieces.


Here are just a few of the shots I took of her jewelery for her yesterday:






Isn’t her jewellery great!
You can check it out here if you are interested:
Metal Fish Handmade Creations