Just a quick update…


We’ve been so busy lately, had a lot of opportunities thrown our way, a few spanners, a sick dog, a milestone birthday and made a lot of new friends so i apologise for not posting in a while.  There are a lot of articles in the works, music reviews, a lot of live photography as well as some camera reviews (yes i got some new toys!)… but here just a quick update about what we’ve been up to lately.

As you know we live for live heavy music so we’ve provided another promo opportunity for local bands to get their music out to the masses.  The local Artist Mix tape is a feature on our Metal For Fishes Facebook page that showcases tracks and videos for 10 WA bands and 1 interstate band ie. “Someone Else’s Local” for a whole month!  We’re always looking for local bands to be involved so let us know if you’re interested.

Check it out and find your new favourite band!


We’ve also organised 2 new shows and have expanded to a new venue for the first time.

Next up we have Monsters In The Basement III with Blunt Force Trauma, Dawn Of Leviathan, BloodKlot, Dawn and Severtone on September 8th at the Swan Basement.

Then we have some Core at the Civic Den, it’s the first time we’ve booked a show at this venue but we felt we needed a change and a cheap one at that, they don’t charge too much to book the venue so the bands can still get paid 🙂

It’s one of our best lineups yet!! Storm The Shores, Severtone, Lakeside (From Bunbury), Remember The South and Alizarin Haze.  September 15th, Civic Den, Inglewood.

Some more coming soon… i promise…


Storm The Shores: Maybe Some Day


Core has become somewhat of a confused terminology of late. Originating from describing terms for the newly burgeoning Metal scene in the USA. Thrash was the term popularised for the west coast metal bands such as Metallica and Slayer. While core was used for the east coast bands like Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies and some even count Pantera. These 2 new scenes had stylistic differences too, core leaning more towards groove with a punk influence, and thrash towards a more straight edged fast pace.
Over the years the terminology has been skewed however they are still valid descriptors.
Storm The Shores is definitely a hardcore influenced metal band…

Having previously spoken to the band about their material, I know they are all too aware of being caught in the current labeling war that seems to have beset the local scene as of late, and thus getting placed in the shadows of Aussie giants Parkway Drive. As much as they are conscious of not trying not to fall into this trap, I have to say that for me however, they do to some extent. I say this is not a negative, but a positive. They are the first band I have personally come across locally who actually do stand steadfast in the trail blazed by Aussie hardcore heroes Parkway Drive. To me it comes across as though Storm The Shores have a similar ethic to their song-man-ship. Groove, intensity, power and melody. This is what good hardcore stands for and these are things STS deliver in spades.
I have to say that I have had the pleasure of witnessing the professionalism and intensity of STS‘s live show… but, would this successfully translate to disc?

From the moment this monumental 8 track EP, Maybe Some Day, opens with it’s intro track, you know you are in for the goods! Right away I am struck by the quality of the recording. Jarrad Beavis and Mark James’ guitars sound tight, phat and well defined. Both Michael Matta‘s drums and Mark Yarnold‘s bass are nicely articulated and sit well in the mix. Adrian Piggott‘s vocals sound fantastic on this release. Powerful, commanding, they sound very nice sitting snugly on top of the band. Kudos must go to Matt Gerber at Fat Pig records for pulling a great mix.

Bailout, sets up what you are in for on this disc. The band opening with a fast paced melodic, arpeggio, groove verse, Aido Piggott proclaims ‘I’ve felt the salty air on my skin a thousand times before. Seems like a life ago. With every breath, With every mile that passes by, I know I am heading home.’ with this release I believe he spins a tale of trial and triumph.

By Three Bean Mix, you are clearly aware that while the band provides goods rise and fall, tension and release. There is also always a strong focus on making sure to always keep coming back to those big melodies and uptempo grooves.  In fact as I sit here and listen to this great disc yet again, it dawns upon me the maturity of not only the song writing but also on track arrangement for the disc. It is obvious there was a conscious thought put into the track listing to create sufficient tension and release with the disc as a whole. Three Bean Mix is the tension to Survivalist‘s release. Survivalist is a predominantly very up-beat epic almost positive melodic based track. However the band very cleverly weave their way through it til finally finishing leaving you buy the end of the track and the disc with a feeling of tension again. It is like the ‘….to be continued’ on your favorite TV show. It leaves you wanting more and craving the next release. Very smart decision fellas.

All in all this is a very professional release that is well presented, sounds awesome and as previously stated, leaves you wanting more. For people that like their metal/core hard and heavy, yet melodic and up beat. This is a release definitely worth checking out and a band to keep an eye on.

For more about the band check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Stormtheshores



Interview: Left To Die


So we caught up with down south death metallers Left To Die.. We spoke to Mat (bass), Aiden (vocals), Wog (Drums), Jordan (Guitar) and Alex (Guitar) about their fav bands and venues and what they think of the local scene…

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/l3ft2di3
Listen: http://www.reverbnation.com/left2die


So tell us  a bit about the band, how did you all meet? When did the band form?
Jordan: The band started with 3 boys. Myself, my brother Warwick (Wog) and Mat in January 2011 until Aiden and our former guitarist Josh joined in June later that year. The line up changed again in Feb 2012 when Alex joined the band.

What other bands/artists have influenced your sound and how?
Mat & Aiden: Six feet under, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse and Gojira

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?
Wog:  My fav. would have to be ‘Destroyer’, Cause its hectic and heavy!
Mat: Whatever i can hear my bass in really. haha

Which song really goes off live and gets the crowd going?
Aiden: Definitely ‘Chains’!

What is your favourite local venue to play at and what do you like about it?
The Prince of Wales, Bunbury. It has always, and will always bring fresh new live material to the masses. Great set-up (Big pit zone).

Here’s your chance to get all techy for the gear heads out there, what equipment do you use?
Randal, ESP, Orange Bass Head’s, Peace, Paiste, Sabian, Cort, Fender, Shure Mics

Describe the best gig moment the band has had so far…
Fungalore July 2011, because the circle put went off. Beer’s everywhere, couple of bruises. Cigarette burn’s, you get it.

What’s the most embarrasing moment?
Wog: I forgot how to play the drums for ‘Thirst’ at a show! (Early on, don’t worry)
Alex: Once got extremely drunk and ran naked through a hotel. The elevator shaft was never the same haha.
Jordan: Usual party related moments. Spewing, missing the toilet, but getting the whole bathroom.(Lasagna mind you)
Mat: Tequila, then walking into Aiden’s room naked thinking it was the toilet. Or the McDonald’s incident. (Don’t ask)
Aiden: Nothing to report as yet. (But we are sure it’s coming)

If you could play alongside any other band/artist ”dead or alive”, who would it be and why?
Mat: Iron Maiden (No reason needed), Devin Townsend (Look to the left)
Jordan: Behemoth
Aiden: Gojira

What local bands get your thumbs up?
All This Filth, Broken Silence, Dethlahem, Bloodklot, From Isolation, Devour The Martyr, Arbitage, Septillon, Dawn and probably a bunch more we forgot to name. There is so much great talent in Perth.

Which up and coming local band should we keeping an eye out for?
Wog: Definitely Broken Silence.
Mat: Dawn have ball’s and great song writing, i think it’s needed. Especially (like them) a band being from Bunbury. Or any town down south from Perth, you need something more original and more different. Just so some people take you seriously (although it’s just fun and games) haha… But seriously 🙂

Tell us something about a band member that we wouldn’t already know…
Alex: has a fetish he’d rather not share with you!
Mat: I went to Soundwave (Killed it). Woke up, went to macca’s. Ate. Lit a smoke and sharded all down my leg (with no undie’s). Rad. The boy’s thought it was great though…

One day you’ll be able to demand a rider, you’ll be given anything you want, what would you demand?       1,000 Brown M&M’s or we wouldn’t play the show, 3x Cask’s of Fruit Elixir (the cheaper the better), Over 1,000 Iron Maiden t-shirt’s (To piss off Steve Hughes), Metallica and Lou Reed’s (Spew-Lu) to kill after we get off stage to calm us down, 2X bottles of FINLANDIA, 5x copies of Immortal’s- “At the heart of winter” (So i shall de-virginise them one by one) Get it!! And one bottle of water for the roadie (INSERT NO NAME HERE)

Do you worry about whether people like you for the ‘real’ you or because you’re a stud muffin and musical genius?
Alex: Because I’m a Musical genius.
Mat: Who writes these question’s haha (Sorry guy’s)

What are the future plans for the band? Got any releases coming out soon?… or do you plan to lock yourselves away to record?
Wog & Jordan: Well, we are planning recording for June onwards and hopefully a release later this year.

What do you think about the current state of the local heavy scene?
Aiden: People tell me they want to see more metal, but there I think there is not enough exposure of local metal to the general public. That and there is a lack of motivation from the public to get out and see something they haven’t heard before from an upcoming band. If you Support it, there will be more of it!

Anything else you wanna tell your fans and admirers?
Get down to Fungalore, Bunbury!
Also get out and support upcoming bands and if you haven’t see us yet… get your ass out to Your Civic Duty, on June 23rd nice and early to see us open up the day with some brutal music! We even have a new song to debut, so come and have a listen and let us know what you think!

“Live by the sword, Die by the fucker!!”

Thanks to P.R.O.T.A.S and Metal For Fishes for the interview and the exposure, and to Josh and Lisa for all your help and to Tammie our booking agent for all her hard work.

The Fall of Man… Enlightenment from the depths of the Perth underground?


Crossover is a term that I hear getting thrown around a lot lately. Typically being used to describe bands that cross two or more musical genres or sub-genres in the creation of their sound. Having heard this term used in relation to fast risers on the local scene, The Fall of Man, I would have to agree with this appraisal upon listening to this debut release from the band. The guys manage to successfully blend elements of rock, core and metal on this record, so perhaps Enlightenment is an apt title.

This Ep opens commandingly with Pathogen. You are greeted with tremolo guitars over a nice breakdown groove, which quickly switches to an up tempo verse, Justin Camilleri blares ‘Like open flesh to flies, Infected by your lies. Played to the masses, By the masters of deceit!‘. The scene is set.

Shoryuken is the party song of this record. Fast paced, up tempo. It sounds as though Cam Butler & Ben Clarke get to have a bit of fun on the back-ups on this track, all while Ben keeps that rockin’ groove. The funky, wah based middle eight is a great moment for me, kudos to Cam Butler & Nick Ballantyne.

I think Redemption would most definitely have to be the stand out track. Opening with a sublime clean intro, that has this lazy, rainy day kind of feel. The guitars then crunch into this early Dysfunction era Staind meets Mastadon style epic pre-verse, I guess you would call it. The break down at the 3.25 mark however, has no hint of Staind or Mastadon I’m afraid to say. But definitely a hint of Meshuggah on the lead tone. Great work on pulling that tone.

Dom Castledine’s bass shines no higher than on the intro to Inferno Ascending I feel. Nice fast guitars with some big fat bass pull-offs, this intro is attention grabbing.

Before I talk about the final track and round up this review, I would like to touch on the production. I know some like a record that is beat corrected and note perfect. But I must say I do like a well produced record, that still sounds like the musicians actually performed it. Botch were the masters of this, and this is what you get here. It is not perfect production, but that is not to say it is bad. No quite the contrary, the production is quite good. I love the rawness that is there. This record sounds great, but you can also hear the musicians playing it. You can hear the strings flapping around on the intro to Fear of A Dying Breed. You can hear the beater attack on the drums. You can hear the room in the vocal mix. This makes you feel like you are right there in the room with the band. Right there at a show with them. It works for me.

All in all, The Fall of Man have produced an intelligent record for their debut release. In Enlightenment you get some well thought out, mature songwriting… even with a little fun thrown in the mix: ‘Oh, You up in my shit, You fucking hypocrite, I’ll fucking beat you down!‘ – opening lines to Shoryuken, case and point. haha
Make sure you grab a copy!! \m/

The Fall Of Man will be launching their debut EP on Thursday the 7th on June @ Wired at Black Betty’s!

For more about the band, check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/thefallofmanband

Cold Fate: Thrash is back… in Perth!


You see I do not listen to thrash much any more, not since my younger days as a teen worshiping Metallica & Slayer have I really sat through a whole album. I have in my later years focused my listening on the more alternative, some would say “mathy” metals, so it is something I have not done in a long time, sit down and listen to a “thrash” record.

As I listen to Cold Fate’s latest offering, trying to find the right words to begin, the churning, almost train like sample that this intro track builds into is almost mesmerizing with this swirling ominous presence rising in the background, when whack, in kicks the chugging opening to ‘Long Live the King’. I am immediately struck by the high quality of the recording. Very tight, the guitars sound buttery smooth from the chugging rhythms to the sublimely composed lead tones, a complement to both Cameron Nicholas and Josh Fletcher. Matt Carver brings in the low-end while still being audible and complementary to the whole band, something that is often overlooked on many a record, his contribution is definitely note worthy. The drums sound punchy, powerful and precise, delivered in that signature Dave Kilgallon way. Great use of the whole kit, nice quick, full rolls switching feel shifts that seem tack sharp.  The vocal mix sounds clear and crisp, many a chant worthy, thrashy anthem can be found being belted out by Paul Di Scerni on this latest offering ‘Figures in Black’.

Despite all the elements, great they all are, I have to say every time I just keep being drawn back to the amazing lead work on this record. Every track has a face melting moment! I kid you not! Go into listening to this record pre-warned, your face will get melted, right off! From the nostalgic ‘Ashes to Ashes’  & ‘Figures in Black’ to ‘Edge of Hell’ and ‘No Love Lost’ every track showcases a mastery of thrash guitar that I doubt any could deny. But this is a pre-requisite is it not? To play good thrash? Of course it is, just like machine tight pounding bass & drums and commanding vocals, not screamed, not guttural, but commanding. This is, I believe what makes ‘Cold Fate’ such a good thrash band. They understand all the elements and execute them perfectly, everyone performs their set task beautifully and they deliver exactly what they intend to. I am not joking here, I have had the privilege of seeing them live and they deliver, just like the record.

So if you harken back to the good old days, when metal was metal, there was just one genre, metal. And you believe it has all been a downward spiral since, this is definitely the record for you. Hell if you just love face-melting solos this is the record for you… if nothing else, I feel this album would be really good driving music, from it’s pounding grooves, to it’s up-tempo crescendos, to the anthemic chorus’s and acoustic breaks, this is a well executed album which is a tribute to the band… and their producer/engineer who pulled such a great mix.

If you get a chance I definitely recommend you check out ‘Cold Fate’ live, it is definitely a show worth seeing.
For updates and more info check out their Facebook page:

From Isolation – Metal from the isolated reaches of Oz…


It feels like I have been wracking my brain for weeks about where I should start my first post for the music section.
I started writing speals about my history in the music scene and how I’d like to start doing gear and band reviews etc. however when I read it back it was un-inspiring. So after having a chat with Lisa she said ‘well why not just start by introducing your current band?’ and I thought ‘hell she’s right! Why not start with my band? It will help to show where my passion comes from.’
Not wanting to turn this into just a band bio, I will try to keep it short.

So with out further ado, I would like to introduce to you all, ‘From Isolation’.

‘From Isolation’ formed in early 2009. After a few line-up shuffles during the early days while starting out, the current line-up featuring ex-members of Defect Notice, The Last & Hairy Buffalo has been together ever since.

Releasing our first demo ep (produced in our ‘Isolation Studios’) to rave reviews in 2010

“…these guys probably could take on any so-called “Technical Brutal Death Metal” act” – Spirit Of Metal Webzine

it featured the track listing:

  1. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs093.snc4/36024_401385373301_653853301_4447116_6076764_n.jpg
  1. Hypnotic Consciousness Sublime
  2. No Reason (BBDS)
  3. Isolated Propaganda Machine
  4. Born From Rape (the Fritzle song)

The band has gigged solidly since first breaking in March of 2010 and has not looked back, not just relying on getting asked to play others shows, but actively promoting and organising shows.


Having not been entirely happy with how the previous recording turned out (what band ever is?) we have since returned to the studio to re-record ‘No Reason (BBDS)’ which was released in October of 2011 to great fanfare for the new recorded quality, even gaining some air time on The Pit fm. Also having re-mastered our previous demos and released them as a bonus for this single release.
Not wanting to ever stop, the band has since returned to the studio to record 2 all new tracks, the first ‘As One’ was completed and released as a Christmas present to you all in late December of 2011. This track is the bands greatest feat to date and was exclusively debuted on the Pit Fm. With the second track of the two well and truly underway, but not yet ready to release, I thought it would be great to share with you all the brand new track (before Christmas 2011) ‘As One’, because after all, shouldn’t we all be closer in the new year?

We hope you enjoy the track, as there is plenty more to come from us in the future.
If you’d like to check out some more tracks or pics or anything, you can check out our Facebook page here: