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Testing Rikenon (ricoh) 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens in k-mount on Pentax KX

Just acquired this lens recently.
Took it out for a quick test the day it arrived. It is interesting manual focusing without any focus aids, however these preliminary tests still came out alright I feel.
(as per usual please click on images to view larger and sharper.)

These were taken in the imediate visinity around my house. I am impressed by the initial sharpness of the lens on the KX. My reasonable focus accuracy and the overal rendering of the lens.

It seems to render colours quite naturally which is always a plus.

As said before, I am surprised at how accurate I can focus this lens with out the help of focus aids. I look forward to trying this on my K30 which does have focus peaking.

I find the sharpness quite pleasing. I think this could make a good portrait lens.

The depth of field is quite nice. These were all shot around f2-2.8 still nice OOF and good sharpness.

The lens seems to have a nice amount of 3d pop to it.

I’m quite happy with the viewfinder of the KX with composition of this lens, seems quite good. Of course will only be better on K30.

I am very impressed, I must say, with how nicely this lens draws on this 12mega pixel sensor of my Pentax KX. Very sharp and has a nice quality to it I feel. Over all my initial tests show great promise for this combo.