BFD ECO & Behringer C4 condensor mics… A lazy weekend trial


This is a very belated review. I actually tracked this 8 months ago! Oh well, better late than never… right?!

I was lucky enough to get down early to the Kosmic sale on the Saturday the 8th of oct 2011 and pick up a few new little goodies for my little home studio I have affectionately named, Isolation Studios. I remember getting up early and rounding up my mate Moose so we could get down there to grab some bargains. However, when we got there the place was already teaming with people. Good to see so many local musos, not so to know that a bunch of bargains will surely have been snapped up already. Luckily we were still there early enough to get a few things we were happy with. I grabbed myself BFD ECO drum software and some nice Behringer C4 condenser mics. I also picked up a copy of line-6 POD farm however that turned out to be un-usable, but that is another story for another time. Haha. Moose picked himself up a new Fender 4×12 bass cab, so he was stoked. We were both eager to get home to play with our new purchases.

When I got home Lisa was crook, there wasn’t gonna be much goin’ down at our place. so I hit the studio to play with my new toys. I wanted to test how the general tonality of BFD was compared to my current drum sounds and the general useability of the new C4 mics.
This was literally me just fucking around in-front of my DAW, completely off-cuff and linear…
I think I like it for a fuck-around track, it’s a bit abstract! hahaha

I recorded the guitars direct into my M-Audio Fast-track that I was using at the time and put them through Guitar Rig 2. The accoustic guitars are just tracked direct from my no-name semi-accoustic guitar. Bass was just guitar played like bass and equed, bass-y. I just recorded the vocals as one layer sitting in my little producing box straight into one of the Behringer C4‘s, nothing special. Drums of course were just programmed.

Oooo with a build up like that I bet you can’t wait to check it out, ‘eh??

The mix is a little thin as it was just done in a day, so is a little thin on takes. I like the sound of the BFD ECO drums, still very good even though this is the scaled back version of the software. I was also quite happy with the adequate amount of customisation included. I also like the sound of the Behringer C4‘s even if a little toppy. I think they will be a good complement to one of my nicer larger condensers.

All in all I was very happy with my new acquisitions, and funnily enough reviewing this has made me realise I really need to get back in there and play with these toys some more.

Till next time,
Keep enjoying your music. 😀

A guitar play through: A video I made this afternoon…

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I’d been thinking about it for a while, but as of yet had not found the time. So when I found myself twiddling my thumbs and refreshing the internet this afternoon, the thought came to me that I should just go get it done. It was time for me to shoot a guitar play through of my bands latest single, ‘As One’.

Thinking about how I was going to setup as I walked to my camera/lens/tool desk, the first thing I decided was I needed to use an auto lens since I was going to be shooting myself playing the guitar. I figured using the kit 18-55mm was the best choice, as it would make it easier to make frame adjustments as I line the camera up to shoot myself. Next thing I pulled a stool into my home studio ‘Isolation Studios’ and set my small pod stand up on top of the stool with my Nex-5 and 18-55mm kit zoom aimed in the general direction of where I would be playing. Next thing I cued up track on my DAW to play through my PA, setup my amp and tuned my guitar, then did this little trick with my wireless mouse where I place the cursor on top of the play button then carefully lift the mouse up and walk away. Now I can just click the left mouse button to start after I have pushed record on the camera.

It took me a few goes to get the framing right, but I got it in the end. I purposefully chose to chop my head out as I wanted the focus to be on the fretboard and what was being played. I think all in all the final product works for it’s intended purpose, and I am quite proud of it. As I produced the song in my home studio and now I have shot my own guitar play through vid too. I hope you enjoy!


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