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First impressions of New Era fish food by Matthew Wallace

This is a first look at a great new fish food range to hit the market in this country. Thanks to Matt or reviewing and sharing his thought with us. Matt is Mattrox a member on our forum Ozfishforsale.com.au

I have been trialing the New Era Rift Lake Green, Rift Lake Red, and Aegis for a couple of weeks now. The texture of the pellet is very interesting, it is soft, but not mushy. I have a very large venustus in with some mbuna, I have been feeding that tank rift lake green. The pellets are about 1mm in diameter and 3 to 4 mm long, the mbuna really do smash it. Due to the texture and plyability of the pellet I am able to squeeze a pinch into a larger pellet to drop in for the venustus. This has been very effective.

In the fish room:

In the hap and peacock tanks I have been using rift lake red. But a couple have labidochromis species, so I do feed some rift lake green in these tanks. I’m not too fussed if the haps and peacocks get the green. All the fish eat the food ravenously.

The mbuna tanks have been fed on rift lake green. Again all fish are really eager to eat the food. More so than ‘normal’.

I have fed the Aegis immune booster food today to all the above tanks. I will do it all this week, and return to the red/green next week.

The baby fish are still being fed NLS Grow and Fish Focus growth, with some of the larger juveniles getting a little bit of the red/green as appropriate.

My impressions are that this food is a quality product. If things continue to be positive it will be added to the range of foods I use in the fish room.  I had just returned from holiday, where for 2 weeks the fish were being looked after and fed every second day, and not much food either.  They were swapped over to the New Era about 1 week after my return and the resumption of ‘normal’ feeding and are still recovering their condition. All the fish are maintaining their stunning colours and they are almost back to peak condition. I also think that the amount of food to give to the fish seems to be less than you would think, I guess a better way of saying it is; it is easy to give the fish too much food, they fill up quickly. I still try to feed what they will clean up in 30 secs, then feed the same amount again, but it took a couple of feeds to work out what this amount of food was. It will be interesting to see how the food is priced when released on the market.


The fish are looking great. Condition is back to normal for most fish (after my 2 weeks away on rations). They absolutely hammer the food like nothing I have ever seen at times. A real feeding frenzy. I’m still impressed with this food. I’m continuing to feed the Rift Lake Red/Green now after a full week on the Aegis. I’ll feed the Red/Green as appropriate until it runs out before going back to Aegis again.


I took a couple of photos to show what the food looks like.

This is the Aegis immune boosting food.

The food can easily be squeezed and rolled into a bigger pellet for feeding to larger fish. This is the Aegis made into a bigger pellet. I only used a small fraction of the amount of food in the previous picture to make this ball of food.

This is the Rift Lake Green and Rift Lake Red side-by-side. The Rift Lake Green has a more flexible and rubbery texture, while the Red is more crumbly. Both can also be squeezed into larger balls of food if required.

Big thanks to Matt for sharing his thoughts on what looks like a great product.

A review of the Fluval FX5 by Glenn Oblivion

This is a fantastic review of the Fluval FX5 canister filter. This article was written by our Oz Fish For Sale member ‘oblivion’. I would like to thank him for his contribution.

Its been approx 5 weeks, so i figured its time to review the fluval fx-5 that im running on my 6ft display tank.
some of you may remember this thread.

The fx-5 arrives nicely packaged, comes with nice clear instructions and a setup dvd.

The hose is a one piece unit with a rubber sleeve on each end. you cut it to length and attach the rubber sleeves to the “aquastop valves”. the cut end is connected to your intake tube or the twin output nozzles.

I fitted the canister to one of the centre areas of my cabinet, its a cosy fit with little room left,  and cut the hose as required.
You only get 4m of hose, and i found there is no room for error on the hose.
my intake hose was cut to slightly under 2m length, this left a little extra on the output hose. there was no extra to be cut off, and they dont quite reach the very corners of the tank (approx 10cm short of the corner which is fine anyway)

Fluval says it can take a max of 5m of hose (in/out hose length combined) so it would have been nice if they gave us a 5m hose to begin with so you had just a little bit more freedom with the hose placement.
at ~$50+ for a replacement hose you dont want to screw up that first cut or you’ll pay dearly for it.

Giving you a third ‘aquastop’ valve so you can use it to pump water during PWC was a very nice touch though, as was the drain valve on the bottom of the canister.

Inside the canister, the three trays lock together nicely and has large thick foam pads for mechanical filtration.

I had a spare sheet of filter material (its like a sponge scourer pad) so i decided to also cut some round filter pads to sit on The top of the bio media in the 3 trays. not sure why, but i felt obliged anyway  :laughhard:
Iam not using carbon so I was able to 3/4 fill all 3 trays with a total of about 6L of matrix media.
it could have taken a bit more but i didnt see a need to pack it right out.

I filled the canister with tank water, and started it up. it is completely silent in the cabinet.
I like the broad intake strainer, and the fully adustable twin output nozzles are fantastic.
I have one shooting water down the back wall of the tank to flush detritus out of the rock work, and the other is churning the surface. sometimes the fish seem to love swimming in their flow, just for kicks.

4 weeks later
I had not done a water change or filter pad in 4wks. this is about 1-2wk longer than i would ever get out of the trickle tray on the top of the tank.

Water tests were fine but the water was getting yellow’ish tannins from the wood, and i decided it was about time for an inspection anyway.
last weekend was the first time opening the FX5 for maintenance since i fitted it, just before xmas.

Opening the canister:
usually you will get a dribble of water out the aquastop valves when you disconnect them from the canister but i have worked out a way around this.

While the filter is running turn off the intake valve. wait approx 2secs then turn off the outlet valve, then immediately turn off your canister.
now when you disconnect the hoses you will not get any more than a few drips out of it.

With approx 36 cichlids ranging from 5 – 20cm, and a few silver sharks and some BN’s, this filter had done hardly any work at all during that 5wks.

The pads had a slight brown tint (fish waste) starting to build in a few points, the extra pads i added had a very light load as did the matrix media. the foam pads were obviously doing an excellent job.

Being such a large canister volume  and only a light build up on the pads i was able to wash all the filter pads and give the matrix media a light rinse just in that one canister of water.
add a hose to the bottom drain valve on the canister, open it up and let all that soupy brown water flow out into a bucket.
when the canister was half empty i sat it on a very small coffee table to help gravity drain it out completely..

Refilling the canister was as easy as pointing the intake hose over the open canister and opening the tap. within a few seconds it was pre-filled and ready to be sealed and started up again.

The build of the entire unit just says “quality” all over.
lots of awesome features – air purge system, good intake strainer + adjustable twin output nozzles, strong water flow, aqua stop valves for ease of use + a spare so your canister can pump water during WC routine, and the bottom drain valve is excellent.

The main negative would be that they skimp on that measly 1m of extra hose by only giving you 4m when it can take 5m.
cmon fluval, give us a 5m hose to begin with and make it perfect.

fx5 manual


I would like to thank Glenn again for his contribution.  😀

Aquotix: Could this be classified as an aquarium superstore?

I must admit I was was a little excited as I awoke last Saturday morning. I had been given a unique opportunity. I had been allowed to do a photographic store walk through of Aquotix aquariums in Canning Vale. Now Aquotix is actually, in the scheme of things, a newer store to me, as I had never really traveled south to aquarium stores before about 4 or 5 years ago. But right from the very first time I visited Oliver and his crew down there I have always made time to go out of my way and visit his store. I ‘m sure once you reach the end of this photographic tour you will want to go out of your way to visit too, unless you’re lucky enough to live nearby.

(all shots in this walk through were taken on our Nex-5 using mt Tamron Aspherical 28-200mm manual focus lens)

Every time I walk in, I am always struck by the amount of other customers entering with me, it is a good thing to see our hobby is still bubbling along nicely. Also a good omen that the store you are about to enter is a quality shop that people frequent.

I am blown away by the amount of staff they have always ready on hand to help with what ever you need. In fact you know me, can never pass up an opportunity, so I took them down some of my Chocco’s and Ice Blues. Now you know where you can get some more quality Hoods Fishies. Sorry had to get the plug in there. Krystal and the rest of the staff were their usual helpful selves.

Anyway, on with the walk through. Being greeted as you enter on the right by the front counter always manned by Oli’s great staff and accompanied by a selection of bettas in a barracks and a gorgeous little planted tank. As you turn left you find all your beginner tanks and a massive assortment of tank ornaments.You instantly get the impression this store is gonna have what you need, whatever it is.

Then the very next thing that gets me every time is the tank buster tank. It is always immaculately kept, water crystal clean and these giant beauties are always willing to show off for a camera.

Once you manage to drag yourself away from staring at these beauties, you look up and realise you are in a sea of tanks and are immediately being tempted with wanting a newer, bigger one! I really mean it when I say it is like a sea of tanks, I do not think I have visited a store in Perth with more on hand ready to go. It is excellent to see such a well stocked store.

There is a fantastic planted tank hidden away in this tank section, I love that they break up every section with a beautiful display of some kind.

As we move on from the tank section we immediately come to all the accessories we could ever need, I mean everything, even massive blowers for running huge fish rooms way larger than mine!


Did some body say they wanted some lights?

Once you have finished being distracted by all the goodies in the accessories section, you turn around and have to be taken back by what is one of the best cold-water sections I personally have ever seen in any Aquarium store I have ever visited. It is impressive. There is a massive selection of koi and goldfish, in all sizes and types. Not to mention all the different ponds, and the massive rack of tanks down the right wall with a huge selection of cold-water favorites.

Of course by now you will surely be thinking, ‘but where are all the warm water fish?’ well if we head back to the middle of the store you will have noticed there was a bright yellow sign pointing to the tropical fish section, and what an impressive tropical room it is too. Everything is immaculately kept, each tank is clearly labeled, everything is well priced and best of all i have never, ever seen a dead fish in a tank in this store. You will find everything from tropheus, to discus, to dragonbloods, to rare tetras and all the plants you could want for that special display tank.

While I could not photograph all the stock, there was just too much, these rare tetras were stand out for me.

Sadly this is the end of our photographic walk through of this superstore. All in all I must say this is truly one Aquarium store you must take time out of your way to visit. You will not be disappointed.

You will find Aquotix at:
4/176 Bannister Road Canning Vale WA 6155
Phone: (08) 9455 1411



Aquarium City – A corner fish store, that is not your average corner fish store…

Aquarium City is a newer one to me, not that they have not been around for many years providing great service, but more due to accessibility from where I live. However if you live in Dianella, Beaufort and surrounding areas this is a fantastic store that you have at your disposal on a regular basis.

All photos in this article were taken on our Nex-5 using my Minolta 50mm 1.4 FOV FFL manual focus lens.

I started visiting this store 2 years ago after doing a ring around to get prices on the large tubs of Sera Pond Royal fish food for my koi, they had a competitive price when consulted over the phone and being a new store to me I thought ‘why not? Lets take a look.’ and it has become a regular visit for me ever since, when doing the fish store rounds.

Being on the corner of Grand Promenade and Railway Parade this store is easily reachable for many, if slightly lacking for parking, though this is more a case of situation rather than the stores ability to rectify this.
The first thing you notice upon exiting your car and heading towards the store is a great selection of pond by the side of the store and a selection of aquatic plants contained in a nice water feature, indicating this store has a keen focus on your outdoor planted systems.

Then you take one look through the doors, you see tanks full of koi and goldys, and an indoor pond and all your suspicions are comfirmed.

Their selection of Goldys and Koi is quite excellent, infact one of the larger selections I have scene across Perth, other than the actual Koi farms. I say this because behind all these opening racks and indoor pond, there is yet another rack of Goldfish!!

Then just as you get past all this, you see their spectacular little marine display right in front of the counter, I know the staff must spend many an hour staring off into this on those quiet days. haha
I just love those anemones!!

Of course being a good store they couldn’t just leave it at that, they had to let the freshies compete too, so just behind the marine display, is of course the Discus and tetras.

After being completely distracted by all of the goodies just loaded right into the entrance you then take time to look around and take a quick visual peruse of what is around you in the store and you then notice all the fine accessories and products they have on offer, most everything the discerning fish keeper in this modern day an age should need.

Of course if you are anything like me you are asking yourself ‘where are the cichlids?’, ‘you know those colourful little fish from Africa and America?’ So you do the scan around and you notce a door to the rear of the store and your eyes light up, it is the answer to all your internal questioning.

This I believe is when it dawns upon you that this is a serious fish store, they have a dedicated climate controlled fish room, filled with racks upon racks of tangs, malawis and your occasional americans.
The first room you enter seems to be again your more common tropicals, however here you find the larger and maybe slightly less flashy ones from the tetras at the front of the store, here is where they keep the barbs, gouramis etc. etc.

Then as you keep walking you enter into the next room and you find all those little malawis and tangs you have been searching for, they have quite a reasonable selection from your Kribensis to Pseudotropheus to your Aulonocara.

You then of course enter the third and final room contain even more of your Malawis and now also your Americans and even some larger natives as there were some barra in a four foot when we were there, just nestled bellow a vibrant all male Malawi display 4ft. You will also at the time of writing this find some great little Chocolate cichlids bred by me!

Of course we now come to the end of our tour of this fine fish store, who’s excellent displays and products are only superceded by their excellent knowledgable staff. It is always sad to leave great stores, especially if you have not bought anything yet. haha.
However this is a store I will return to and I hope you all take the time to pay them a visit too, I’m sure you will not regret the journey.

Aquarium City is located at: 208 Railway Parade, Bayswater WA 6053

You can contact them on: (08) 9272 2709