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Camera swapmeet – July 28th 2013

Here in Perth we are lucky enough to have 3 camera swap meets a year organised by the Perth Camera Club and the Northern Exposure Photography group. I try to make sure I get down to each one as there is always bargain to be had and gems to be found.

Yesterday morning was no different, we got there around 8.20am just in time to cue up before the doors opened. I must admit the cue this time did seem a little longer than usual, it is always good to see the word getting out and more people coming down to support the event, which helps to ensure it’s survival.

I was keen to get inside and see what was up for grabs, I had nothing in particular I was looking for but did have a general mental list prepared of things I would keep an eye out for. Something that was high up on that list was a home film development tank, as I have been shooting more and more film lately. It only makes sense for me to start to take the steps to start to develop and scan my own film, getting a dev tank was required to start this process. Upon entering the Leaderville Town hall where the event is held what should be the first thing I view, but a beautiful jobo/patersons dev tank in good condition, so I quickly grabbed that up and paid. I then continued my circle around the hall perusing all the tables with nothing much more on my mind that was urgent to grab. I got three quarters around my first lap of the hall, looking at all the tables and logging away all the goodies on display, seeing if anything took my fancy when I spied a table of nicely laid out old fixed lens rangefinders, then as if out of nowhere I spied this Minolta Highmatic E. I had been about to buy one of these on eBay only the month prior, however someone else beat me to the punch. I inspected the camera, all seemed in good condition and the price was right so I snapped it up. Purchase number 2 out the way. haha

Continuing a little further around the hall, very close to completing my first lap, it occurred to me I should keep an eye out for lenses. I have plenty of old manual focus glass and don’t really need more, but I always like to keep and eye out for oddities that strike my fancy. I instantly turned to my left after the thought occurred to me and saw a bunch of people huddled around a table, as were people at most tables. I reached through a gap in the throng and just plucked a lens from that table and started to inspect it. Low and behold it turned out to be a Vivitar 17mm f3.5, the very lens I had been watching on ebay just that week as I was looking for a super-wide that did not poses too much distortion of lines. The price was right so I snapped that up too. What are the odds hey? haha

I then went about doing another circle of the hall to see if there was anything else that struck my fancy that perhaps I had missed the first time round. I was not really on the look out for much now as I had already made some great finds, however I knew I had been looking for a 62mm uv filter for my Minolta 21mm f2.8, so I kept an eye out on the stalls for filters. Low and behold a few tables around and I found exactly what I was looking for, so I grabbed that too. By now my funds were getting a little low so I got out of there, as much to prevent myself from making any more purchases as to save what money I had left. haha. Here are my fantastic purchases:

All in all it was yet another great morning, the photo market never seems to disappoint. I hope to get some reviews of this gear up in the future. If you are in Perth around one of the three times a year it is held, I genuinely advise that you check it out. You will not be disappointed… though your wallet may be a little thinner by the end of it. haha

Until next time, happy snapping.

A review of the Fluval FX5 by Glenn Oblivion

This is a fantastic review of the Fluval FX5 canister filter. This article was written by our Oz Fish For Sale member ‘oblivion’. I would like to thank him for his contribution.

Its been approx 5 weeks, so i figured its time to review the fluval fx-5 that im running on my 6ft display tank.
some of you may remember this thread.

The fx-5 arrives nicely packaged, comes with nice clear instructions and a setup dvd.

The hose is a one piece unit with a rubber sleeve on each end. you cut it to length and attach the rubber sleeves to the “aquastop valves”. the cut end is connected to your intake tube or the twin output nozzles.

I fitted the canister to one of the centre areas of my cabinet, its a cosy fit with little room left,  and cut the hose as required.
You only get 4m of hose, and i found there is no room for error on the hose.
my intake hose was cut to slightly under 2m length, this left a little extra on the output hose. there was no extra to be cut off, and they dont quite reach the very corners of the tank (approx 10cm short of the corner which is fine anyway)

Fluval says it can take a max of 5m of hose (in/out hose length combined) so it would have been nice if they gave us a 5m hose to begin with so you had just a little bit more freedom with the hose placement.
at ~$50+ for a replacement hose you dont want to screw up that first cut or you’ll pay dearly for it.

Giving you a third ‘aquastop’ valve so you can use it to pump water during PWC was a very nice touch though, as was the drain valve on the bottom of the canister.

Inside the canister, the three trays lock together nicely and has large thick foam pads for mechanical filtration.

I had a spare sheet of filter material (its like a sponge scourer pad) so i decided to also cut some round filter pads to sit on The top of the bio media in the 3 trays. not sure why, but i felt obliged anyway  :laughhard:
Iam not using carbon so I was able to 3/4 fill all 3 trays with a total of about 6L of matrix media.
it could have taken a bit more but i didnt see a need to pack it right out.

I filled the canister with tank water, and started it up. it is completely silent in the cabinet.
I like the broad intake strainer, and the fully adustable twin output nozzles are fantastic.
I have one shooting water down the back wall of the tank to flush detritus out of the rock work, and the other is churning the surface. sometimes the fish seem to love swimming in their flow, just for kicks.

4 weeks later
I had not done a water change or filter pad in 4wks. this is about 1-2wk longer than i would ever get out of the trickle tray on the top of the tank.

Water tests were fine but the water was getting yellow’ish tannins from the wood, and i decided it was about time for an inspection anyway.
last weekend was the first time opening the FX5 for maintenance since i fitted it, just before xmas.

Opening the canister:
usually you will get a dribble of water out the aquastop valves when you disconnect them from the canister but i have worked out a way around this.

While the filter is running turn off the intake valve. wait approx 2secs then turn off the outlet valve, then immediately turn off your canister.
now when you disconnect the hoses you will not get any more than a few drips out of it.

With approx 36 cichlids ranging from 5 – 20cm, and a few silver sharks and some BN’s, this filter had done hardly any work at all during that 5wks.

The pads had a slight brown tint (fish waste) starting to build in a few points, the extra pads i added had a very light load as did the matrix media. the foam pads were obviously doing an excellent job.

Being such a large canister volume  and only a light build up on the pads i was able to wash all the filter pads and give the matrix media a light rinse just in that one canister of water.
add a hose to the bottom drain valve on the canister, open it up and let all that soupy brown water flow out into a bucket.
when the canister was half empty i sat it on a very small coffee table to help gravity drain it out completely..

Refilling the canister was as easy as pointing the intake hose over the open canister and opening the tap. within a few seconds it was pre-filled and ready to be sealed and started up again.

The build of the entire unit just says “quality” all over.
lots of awesome features – air purge system, good intake strainer + adjustable twin output nozzles, strong water flow, aqua stop valves for ease of use + a spare so your canister can pump water during WC routine, and the bottom drain valve is excellent.

The main negative would be that they skimp on that measly 1m of extra hose by only giving you 4m when it can take 5m.
cmon fluval, give us a 5m hose to begin with and make it perfect.

fx5 manual


I would like to thank Glenn again for his contribution.  😀