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Nikkor 28mm f3.5

Nikkor 28mm f3.5 manual focus prime lens

Focal Length: 28mm.
Maximum Aperture: f/3.5.
Min Aperture: f/22
Optics: 6 elements in 6 groups, multicoated.
Diaphragm: 7 blades
Filter Size: 52mm
Close Focus: 1′ or 0.3m

This is my Nikkor 28mm f3.5 manual focus prime lens. (picture of lens to come)
It is one of my more recent acquisitions so I have yet to take it out for too much testing at this time. This lens covers 35mm full frame and is an old film lens. It displays some vignette when shot wide open as exhibited in test shots bellow along with a small amount of distortion. It is quite acceptably sharp on the Pixel dense 36mp a7r sensor and I find the bokeh quite pleasing for a reasonably wide angle lens though you can see a swirl to the out of focus area in the fifth photo of the flowers. This lens to me displays qualities of that classic Nikon signature rendering I see from work shot with classic nikkor primes. I really must take it out for some more thorough field testing in the future.

Here are some general test shots mounted on my Sony A7r:
(as usual click on images to see larger and sharper)

Nikkor 28mm f3.5 on Sony A7r
Nikkor 28mm f3.5 on Sony A7r

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Initial test shot from my Vivitar 35-105 f3.5 (constant) macro zoom on Nex5n.

While doing my initial tests of the Quataray 70-200 f2.8 I thought I would also try a couple more lenses which I had still been meaning too. One of these lenses is my Vivitar 35-105 f3.5 constant aperture macro zoom. Unfortunately this lens arrived with a problem, it arrived with the lens stuck in macro mode. So I was only able to quickly test it in macro mode, but it does seem to render quite nicely and holds great potential. I have since fixed the lens problem being stuck in macro mode, so I will need to return to testing this more thoroughly in the future but for now here is an initial test shot on Nex5n. The lens could also use a clean from the inside as there is also some haze on the rear element. This lens has a serial number beginning with 37, thus it is a Tokina made zoom.
(please click on images to view larger and sharper)

Iso100, f3.5, 1/500, converted to b&w using DXO film pack 3

Thank you for viewing this initial test, please do check back for a more thorough test with this lens now fixed in the future. 🙂