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Got busy dev’ing yesterday arvo…

Sooo, it was a pretty lazy arvo here in Clarko yesterday due to the weather, so since I’d burned 7 rolls of c41 in the past few weeks, I thought I’d mix up a new uni-color c41 kit and do some dev’ing.

 photo 1C67E766-9CF8-4BC0-8748-93DC5CBD3869.jpeg

I always enjoy dev’ing. Actually having to go through so much effort to get your images, that once it works it really makes you appreciate them . I always get mixed results with c41 developing, some of these rolls have come out nice and bright and some have the unusual blue hue I often get from dev’s in these uni-color kits, once I have finished these I think I will switch to trying a different c41 developer to see if I can garner better results. I have some interesting emulsions in this batch so stay tuned for some scans of Kodak supra 800 and Kodak high definition 400 amongst some others. I have a bunch of random emulsions that I am keen to get stuck into. A lot of these are just mainly general snapping or test rolls put through the cameras I have been fixing up lately.  🙂