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Interview: Left To Die

So we caught up with down south death metallers Left To Die.. We spoke to Mat (bass), Aiden (vocals), Wog (Drums), Jordan (Guitar) and Alex (Guitar) about their fav bands and venues and what they think of the local scene…

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/l3ft2di3
Listen: http://www.reverbnation.com/left2die


So tell us  a bit about the band, how did you all meet? When did the band form?
Jordan: The band started with 3 boys. Myself, my brother Warwick (Wog) and Mat in January 2011 until Aiden and our former guitarist Josh joined in June later that year. The line up changed again in Feb 2012 when Alex joined the band.

What other bands/artists have influenced your sound and how?
Mat & Aiden: Six feet under, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse and Gojira

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?
Wog:  My fav. would have to be ‘Destroyer’, Cause its hectic and heavy!
Mat: Whatever i can hear my bass in really. haha

Which song really goes off live and gets the crowd going?
Aiden: Definitely ‘Chains’!

What is your favourite local venue to play at and what do you like about it?
The Prince of Wales, Bunbury. It has always, and will always bring fresh new live material to the masses. Great set-up (Big pit zone).

Here’s your chance to get all techy for the gear heads out there, what equipment do you use?
Randal, ESP, Orange Bass Head’s, Peace, Paiste, Sabian, Cort, Fender, Shure Mics

Describe the best gig moment the band has had so far…
Fungalore July 2011, because the circle put went off. Beer’s everywhere, couple of bruises. Cigarette burn’s, you get it.

What’s the most embarrasing moment?
Wog: I forgot how to play the drums for ‘Thirst’ at a show! (Early on, don’t worry)
Alex: Once got extremely drunk and ran naked through a hotel. The elevator shaft was never the same haha.
Jordan: Usual party related moments. Spewing, missing the toilet, but getting the whole bathroom.(Lasagna mind you)
Mat: Tequila, then walking into Aiden’s room naked thinking it was the toilet. Or the McDonald’s incident. (Don’t ask)
Aiden: Nothing to report as yet. (But we are sure it’s coming)

If you could play alongside any other band/artist ”dead or alive”, who would it be and why?
Mat: Iron Maiden (No reason needed), Devin Townsend (Look to the left)
Jordan: Behemoth
Aiden: Gojira

What local bands get your thumbs up?
All This Filth, Broken Silence, Dethlahem, Bloodklot, From Isolation, Devour The Martyr, Arbitage, Septillon, Dawn and probably a bunch more we forgot to name. There is so much great talent in Perth.

Which up and coming local band should we keeping an eye out for?
Wog: Definitely Broken Silence.
Mat: Dawn have ball’s and great song writing, i think it’s needed. Especially (like them) a band being from Bunbury. Or any town down south from Perth, you need something more original and more different. Just so some people take you seriously (although it’s just fun and games) haha… But seriously 🙂

Tell us something about a band member that we wouldn’t already know…
Alex: has a fetish he’d rather not share with you!
Mat: I went to Soundwave (Killed it). Woke up, went to macca’s. Ate. Lit a smoke and sharded all down my leg (with no undie’s). Rad. The boy’s thought it was great though…

One day you’ll be able to demand a rider, you’ll be given anything you want, what would you demand?       1,000 Brown M&M’s or we wouldn’t play the show, 3x Cask’s of Fruit Elixir (the cheaper the better), Over 1,000 Iron Maiden t-shirt’s (To piss off Steve Hughes), Metallica and Lou Reed’s (Spew-Lu) to kill after we get off stage to calm us down, 2X bottles of FINLANDIA, 5x copies of Immortal’s- “At the heart of winter” (So i shall de-virginise them one by one) Get it!! And one bottle of water for the roadie (INSERT NO NAME HERE)

Do you worry about whether people like you for the ‘real’ you or because you’re a stud muffin and musical genius?
Alex: Because I’m a Musical genius.
Mat: Who writes these question’s haha (Sorry guy’s)

What are the future plans for the band? Got any releases coming out soon?… or do you plan to lock yourselves away to record?
Wog & Jordan: Well, we are planning recording for June onwards and hopefully a release later this year.

What do you think about the current state of the local heavy scene?
Aiden: People tell me they want to see more metal, but there I think there is not enough exposure of local metal to the general public. That and there is a lack of motivation from the public to get out and see something they haven’t heard before from an upcoming band. If you Support it, there will be more of it!

Anything else you wanna tell your fans and admirers?
Get down to Fungalore, Bunbury!
Also get out and support upcoming bands and if you haven’t see us yet… get your ass out to Your Civic Duty, on June 23rd nice and early to see us open up the day with some brutal music! We even have a new song to debut, so come and have a listen and let us know what you think!

“Live by the sword, Die by the fucker!!”

Thanks to P.R.O.T.A.S and Metal For Fishes for the interview and the exposure, and to Josh and Lisa for all your help and to Tammie our booking agent for all her hard work.

BloodKlot: Death Metal on the more traditional side of things…

With the massive boom in popularity of Deathcore over the last 5 years, I have found myself often wondering where that left more traditional Death Metal styles.  Just fine it would seem if you ask some of my more senior Metal Head friends. I think you would hear the same if you asked Perth band ‘BloodKlot’. For they serve up a formidable blend of classic death metal on their debut 2 track disc ‘The Coagulation‘.

Now, as many of you would already know, I am not what anyone would call a traditional Death Metal connoisseur. No not at all. I have always gravitated to the more “Prog-y” and “Math-y” genres of metal. I must however admit that I have always been a sucker for good ‘Slam’ which is often labeled in with ‘Deathcore’ these days, but I have also spent many a night in my youth staying up drinking at mates places with ‘Obituary’, ‘Napalm Death’, ‘Pungent Stench’, ‘Six Feet Under’ etc. etc. bludgeoning away in the background. So I am no stranger to the more classic forms of death.

The first track on The Coagulation, ‘Impaled by The Reaper’ opens with a train like chugging riff setting the ominous stage for what you are about to hear contained within this 2 tracker. The production is actually very tidy, the drums pounded out by Luke Parkinson, sound crisp, clear and tight. The guitars brought by Aaron Mangano and Shane Harrison have a nice attack and sit well in the mix, sounding both thick and defined. Ben Ingram’s bass compliments the whole mix perfectly, you can hear him chugging away under all the great brutality. I think ‘Flamethrower Massacre’ would have to be the standout track for me, it just grabs me right from the start with the superb pounding double kicks, always an attention grabber.

All-in-all I think ‘Bloodklot’ have done a good job on this Debut 2 track disc. Creating something that is very listenable and a harken back to the Death Metal of yester year. I think I have a few friends that would really dig this. I look forward to hearing what comes next from this Perth based Death Metal Quartet.

If you want to check out more from ‘BloodKlot’, they have a Facebook page: