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Neighbours from hell!

It has been since day dot, since the very moment we have moved in…
… we have had the neighbours from hell!
We have had everything from used needles thrown into our backyard, to being robbed by them and our car stolen, to having them up on their roof last Christmas at 3am throwing rocks and screaming abuse at us for hours!

Well this afternoon I was doing some changes on some of my fish tanks and stripping some females that were about to pop, when there was a knock on the door. It was 2 detectives wanting to gain access to our backyard to investigate something to do with the neighbours behind us. So I let them through and next thing you know they were gone, up over the fence.
So, figuring they were off doing their thing, I went back to what I was doing in the fishroom, when there was another knock on the door.
This time it was a guy from the neighbours across the road. He had decided at this very time to come and have a go at me for using my camera out the front of my house lately. I politely said it had nothing to do with him and that I was just performing test shots for my-page (here), I even gave him my business card.
That seemed to get him to go away for now. Next thing you know the two detectives are back at the front door saying they made arrests at the house behind us and to call if we have any problems.
‘Excellent’ I think to myself, ‘it’s over!’. However this is not the case, ’cause now here comes the drunk cretin from across the road, now with friends in tow…

…. I ended up diffusing it all reasonably peacefully in the end, but it is still something I would rather not have to deal with.
I am over living around here, with all it’s problems… One day, I will escape!