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It’s time for an update. Protas V1.2 & 3/4

So, I felt it was about time our little sight had an upgrade in appearance…
…What do you guys think?

I’m still ironing out a few bugs so bare with us while I try to iron out said bugs.

I think the new layout is great and has a new spacious feel to it. haha
I think I can get used to this for a while.

I have also added more mobile functionality to the site. It should be much easier to view from Mobile phones now, as well as the all new Desktop site visual upgrade.
Please do let me know your thoughts.

This is just a quick update for now, but I do have a lot of great articles coming up for you.
For the Photography buffs, I have been playing with the all new Pentax K30 and the not so new but equally matched Sony Nex5n since I got these for my birthday just past. Great presents… if not a little quirky. I have also been having a play with a few HDR software packages with varying success.

However this Sony 16mp sensor that is in each is quite a nice performer.
I have been taking plenty of test shots so hope to have a review of each for you soon.
(As usual please click on images to see larger and sharper)

Lisa took this on my Pentax K30 using my Pentax SMC-F 35-135mm zoom lens

I took this on Pentax K30 using my Pentax SMC-F 35-135mm zoom, this is actually a stitch of 17 images

I took this on Sony Nex5n using my Meyer Gorlitz 29mm f2.8 manual focus lens

I took this of my favourite beer shop using my Sony Nex5n using my Carl Zeiss Felktagon macro 35mm f2.8 manual focus lens

I took this on Nex5n using my Miida 35mm f2.8 manual focus lens

I have also started a new group here in Perth called: 1 Day in 1 Roll
The idea being that everyone who is interested joins our little Facebook group then goes out and shoots and entire roll of film on a date each month decided upon by the group.
The idea being we get a day in the life of Perth as shot by different photographers, using different gear on different films, whilst also supporting the local film developers.
Tomorrow Saturday the 27th is our first day out, I really look forward to seeing everyones shots.
If you feel you may be interested in this please join our little group here:
…on a side note the leaderville camera markets are on again this Sunday. Any camera buff should check it out.

We also have lots of interviews coming up, namely Perth heavyweight Tusk will be up next. Along with some great reviews of some great new material being released by some great bands.

It’s all looking up here at PROTAS so make sure you keep checking back to see what is going on.
Till next time,
Have a good one my friends.

An Original Collaboration… A new adventure into video production!

I recently had a mate approach me to help him with a performance project for a Western Australian Performing Arts Academy assessment.
He was to produce the audio and he was to collaborate with a local visual artist of some kind to create the visuals to go with it.
He asked me if I would help him out.
He gave me some basic criteria of what he desired and off I went.

It is a layering of a couple of pieces of video I shot on my Sony Nex5 with my Asahi Takumar 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens and my Pentax KX with my Pentax SMC F 35-135 macro zoom lens. As well as stills shot on my Minolta X700 with my Minolta 50mm F1.4 manual lens and 50mm F2 lens on both Fuji pro 160s and Ilford XP2 400 B&W film along with B&W stills from the Nex5 with my Asahi Takumar 50mm f1.4. I also incorporated some simple effects I made in after effects and some transitions from my basic director compiling program.

The theme/story I was going for was nature overrunning urban decay and our retrospect from our future technological selves. I was trying to stick to the guidelines given to me…but the audio just kept giving me this alien kind of vibe. So I like to look at this as though you are viewing the decay of mankind and the reclamation of nature through some futuristic alien looking device. But that is just the feelings I got from this fun little project.

I am quite happy with the results as I am mainly a still shooter and only really dabble in playing with making video.

I like to see how other people perceive it too, so please give me your comments. Isn’t that the magic of art, perception?

I hope you enjoy. 😀

Pentax Monochrome?

With all this talk about the Leica Monochrome and the vintage B&W setting on the colour M9 and M8 it got me thinking can I do this type of thing on my digitals?
I was pretty sure I couldn’t with the Nex5, as it has a real high contrast black and white, so I did not try with that. However I knew that my Pentax KX had a large amount of options built in that I had never really delved into. I went through the menu to the colour profiles section. I flicked all the way through till I found B&W. I set it and was quite happy with the resulting redition, if not a touch cold for my taste. I then noticed a ‘tint’ setting with colder bring more the left want more aged or warmer to right. I gave it one click to the right and was pleasantly surprised by the change to a warmer more vintage B&W film look. Infact it even reminds me a little of that monochrome look. haha

I just thought I might share with you a quick few snap shots I took while messing around.
These were shot on my Pentax KX using my Pentax SMC F 35-135mm macro zoom.
(as usual click on images to see larger and sharper)

I thought I might share with you both the original B&W look and my tweaked aged look B&W.


The great thing is that the Pentax let me shoot all these RAW!











I shot these last 2 Jpeg to see if there was any difference to rendering in camera jpegs with this setting. I was actually impressed at how well it rendered these Jpegs.



So I just thought I would like to point out to you all. While we are all dreaming and pining over that latest greatest new piece of kit. Get into your current cam and have a play, you might just be surprised what you find.

Till next time, keep well and happy shooting.  😀