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Saturday 5th of May: 1 day, 1 roll…

So I signed up for this new 1 day, 1 roll event on Manual lens forum last week. The basic idea is to promote the use of 35mm film again via the method of capturing a day in the life of the world through the eyes of different photographers from all over the globe. Our mission was to dust off our favourite old manual film camera and go shoot a whole roll on Saturday May the 5th. Then within the next 15 days we were to have the roll developed, then share that roll, relatively unprocessed (of course allowing for basic levels etc.) in whole somewhere then post a link back to the whole gallery along with our favourite 3.I enjoyed this challenge on the weekend and found it a great idea. I got my roll back from processing on Monday and was very happy with the results.


I thought I would use this day by taking the opportunity to kill a few birds with one stone, so to speak. I started by grabbing out my trusty old Minolta X700 and mounting my Minolta 50mm f1.4 manual lens as I had been wanting to test it on film, and I was afraid some of the places I might go today might call for the extra f-stops over my Minolta 50mm f2 manual lens.
I then grabbed out 2 rolls of Fuji Pro 160s expired in 2010 that I had been just itching to test, and set out on my day of film photography. I started off by driving down to Fremantle as I like to get away from my local area, and headed out to the old abandoned Power station down there. I have a project that I am helping a friend with that requires some urban decay shots, so this seemed an appropriate place to start, and like I said, kill them birds. It was fantastic at the old power station, so stark and industrial and bleak, yet intensely colorful from all the graffiti art. Not wanting an entire roll on dilapidated buildings, I decided to head into the Fremantle city center to shoot some street around the markets there. I thought a bit of contrast to my urban decay for the roll. As the day started to round into evening I turned up to Reabold Hill before the light faded to shoot some last shots of nature and the view to end the roll on a nice serene vibe.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to the next one in a month. I thought I might just take the time to share with you all my roll here. I hope you enjoy!

Till next time, keep well and happy snapping!  😀

Minolta X700: Unexpected great old performer.

Last Monday my Minolta X700 film slr/rangefinder arrived in the mail along with the 10 rolls of Agfa Vista film. To say I was excited upon getting home from work was an understatement. Firstly I was eager to try the Agfa film in comparison to the Fuji and Kodak I had shot and secondly as I was excited to see how my X700 would perform, as I wanted this camera to be my film camera that would take all my Minolta lenses.


Keen to get testing, I threw in a roll, mounted one of my Minolta 50mm f2 lenses and went about shooting anything and everything around the house and the street that I could find. I then took the roll in for developing when I picked up the four rolls from Kings park I had dropped off three days prior (that is another post that is coming). Upon collecting my developed photos, scanned to disc I was very impressed. Not only had the camera performed amazingly well with my Minolta 50mm the Agfa to me, appears to have the lowest grain register  out of all the films I have tried so far. I have since acquired some Ilford Xp2 black and white film and intend to use this camera for portraiture in the future, I was that impressed with the results.

This post is just a quick look at this camera and the results, which I am very happy with.


Inspirational Moments #2: Tammy Parr

Welcome to the second installment of our ‘Inspirational Moments’ section. I am showcasing the amazing photographic talents of the people who visit PROTAS. If you would like to contribute, have your photos shown here (you get a permanent link back to your photo page) just hit me up on: protas@metalforfishes.com

Up today is Tammie Parr, she has been helping out local bands in Perth with live photos for a while now and is just starting to try her hand at booking shows now too. Enjoy!


This photo was taken at ‘Murder in the Basement’ using my f1.8 50mm on my Canon 550d.
I like this photo cause of the way the light is on the subject and also think the lines give it a certain flow.


Using the same lens and camera this was taken at ‘Mind Kandy’
I finally learnt that you dont need to take a full photo of the subject but rather what it is that they are doing and I love the way the light sets up this shot.

Same lens and camera.
I love this shot cause the girl is making her own fun by simple means of a colander and some water I caught her pure and genuine enjoyment. What fun on a hot summers day.

You can check out more of Tammie’s work here on her Photography page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Molotov-Photography/100459726726801

Joondalup Night Markets: A walk around with the Minolta 50mm f1.4

I was busy writing an article for PROTAS last Friday night, when I got a phone call from Lisa saying she wanted me to meet her at the Joondalup Night Markets after she finished work. ‘Great’ I thought, we had not been since last year. It always has a great atmosphere and particularly this year it had some great lighting. So I packed up the Nex-5 and threw on my Minolta 50mm F1.4 lens. This is already my favorite low-light lens, but it is quickly becoming my favorite all round lens. Great colour rendition, even in dark situations, and it is pretty darn sharp to boot. Any way I will let you be the judge.

This is not an official review of this lens yet. Just a good low-light test for you all to see how this lens performs on the Nex-5. This lens gathers up the light so nicely I was actually able to stop it down between 2.8 & 5.6 all night, quite amazing actually!

As you can see this Minolta lens is a stellar performer! I will have a full review of it for you guys soon.

The Joondalup Night Markets run from December to March every Friday evening. I definitely suggest checking it out, there is a great atmosphere. I also suggest taking the camera, as you can see the place is just so vibrant and photo friendly.