SLR Magic 28mm f2.8

SLR magic 28mm f2.8This is my SLR Magic 28mm f2.8 manual focus lens in Sony E mount. This was one of the very first manual focus lenses I ever purchased along with the SLR Magic 35mm f1.7 . I really like this lens, it has been designed very cleverly. To keep costs down so that they can produce this lens for a low price, they have made a few design choices which I think are very smart. Firstly, instead of having aperture blades as is typically customary in lenses that have a variable aperture, they instead have an aperture disc, which they have cut graded circular holes for the aperture openings. Now while this may seem odd and obviously a cost cutting technique, it also keeps quality high, as your spherical highlights in your out of focus areas will always be perfectly round, something that is typically only found in very expensive lenses. The multi coating looks very nice, with a nice green cast and the focus is smooth and clean. There is really only two points I can count as negatives for this lens, firstly the lens cannot be maintained or repaired as the lens has no screws, it seems bound together somehow, with what appears to be rivets of some description, and secondly, the lens will only cover APSC.
All in all this is great lens for the Sony e mount systems, it is nice and sharp and renders nice saturated contrasty images, worth every bit of the cheap price they go for new.

Here is a little bit of a review I did on the lens:
Slr magic 28mm 2.8 lens review – A phenomenal performer for the price
And here are a few more initial test shots:
Slr Magic 28mm F2.8 manual lens on Sony Nex5 first few weeks of test shots

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