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Joshua Perera

Hi, my name is Joshua Perera. I have been playing in bands, writing songs, promoting, organising, doing artwork and websites, photography etc. etc. in bands since I was about 14 years of age.
Getting out and creating has come so naturally to me my whole life, when asked I realised I had never even questioned not  being driven by these things.

Like many from my era, I spent my entire young adult-hood chasing the dream of creating for a living. Not falling into my steady profession of CNC machining, Stone Masonry and now Production Managing , until my 24th birthday. Sure I had studied through my younger life, mainly to keep the folks happy. So I attained my TAFE Cert. in computer technologies, and eventually went on to get my TAFE Cert. in live event promotion and music management. Always chasing that dream to be able to create for a living you see.

My hard drives on my home studio computer are filled with thousands of takes of tracks from songs that are both keepers and works in progress for both my own projects and friends. Not to mention being filled with thousands of photos, gig posters, band artworks and logos, live shots and footage…. and these are just our keepers and works in progress.

Myself, and my partner Lisa are both “enthusiasts” of live music, photography, food (doesn’t every one) and creating…. We live for this, work is just the means. Since having had our first born son in September of 2016, life has certainly been hectic and left us a little more time poor… but we are determined not to be deterred and keep at our creative life styles.
You can check out my photography facebook page here: Joshua Perera Photography, for other tidbits, small posts and updates that may not make it here. Along with my instagram account: Josh Perera Photography, which often gets other things that are posted more on the fly while out and about.
I also run the Photographers in Perth Facebook group, as well as the Film Photographers Group and the Manual Focus Lens Shooters groups along with a few others dealing in other interests/fields of pursuit. If you feel these groups might be up alley please do feel free to join us.

This site is meant to be a take on the world through my passions. Along the way I hope to share some of the things I have learned, as well as some of my experiences. I do hope you can get something out of it.


Spelling and Grammar Checker

NB:Lisa is my better half and in charge of checking all my spelling and grammar. I could not do any of this without her.

Hi I’m Lisa or Ardy depending on how you know me.  I got sick of Josh confusing me with big words about photography and music and fish and well everything so i told him to go tell someone who cares (…or at least someone who understands) hence the reason he started this blog.  Anyway, stuff about me.. well I’ve been to Uni and all that, got my degree (multimedia and marketing/advertising) worked in the industry for a while… and learned to hate it, now i work part time in a cafe selling freddos to wet kids and making coffees for their unappreciative parents… and i love it.  Thanks to Josh i have been able to survive on basically minimum wage while helping out with the selling of the fish and putting on local gigs etc.

Ever since i was a kid I’ve been into photography, hence the reason Josh latched onto it, but where he went gung ho on the traditional, manual side i am more about the digital side and photo manipulation with Photoshop etc.  Seeing Josh have sooooo many hobbies i thought i should have some more of my own so i started making jewellery, mainly just for myself and mates but now i have too much and have to start selling some so I’m sure you’ll see some pop up on here from time to time but you can also check my Facebook page : Metal Fish Handmade or my Etsy store: MetalForFishes.

I also design band logos and gig posters etc… for cheap… for something to do… if you want one.

I paint
I draw
I go to local gigs
I LOVE to read
I try to cook and fail
I hate Christmas
I love Christmas decorations and lights
I participate in and raise funds for the Relay For Life every year for the Cancer Council WA
I will be asking you for donations…

I’m out.


To contact me to discus anything to do with the page please e-mail me at: protas@metalforfishes.com

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