Crazy Comparisons: Sony Nex Vs Pentax KX – Wideangle lowlight action battle

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I know I’ve been a little slow with articles lately but that is just because I have had so many weekends full of shooting as of late. One such weekend recently was Serial Killer Smile’s debut EP launch on the Friday night and my band From Isolation also had our first all ages show down at HQ in Leederville on the Sunday.

As you know I had only recently acquired a Pentax KX to go alongside my Sony Nex5 and there was a sigma 14mm 2.8 lens that I had been really wanting for it. Luckily I had got the funds together and acquired the lens that afternoon of the SKS show.  So I thought this would be a good comparison between not only the two cameras, being that they both have Sony sensors (the Pentax has the slightly older sensor configuration with only 12.9mp, while the Nex5  has the slightly newer 14.2 mp count), however the Sony Nex5 is mirrorless whereas the Pentax KX has a mirror. It is also a good comparison between the Sony 16mm F2.8 pancake vs the Sigma 14mm F2.8 wide angle lens. Both shows were shot in near total darkness other than the stage lighting, this is a great test of the auto focus as well.

First up just a few shots from the Nex with the 16mm f2.8 lens:
These shots are from the ‘Serial Killer Smile’ EP Launch

This shot is a great comparison between the Nex and Kx my partner and I took almost the same shot at almost the same time. (The Pentax shot is shown further down)

These next shots were taken at a show I played at YMCA HQ all ages venue, these are of course shots of the other bands on the bill with us.


And Now the Pentax Kx with the Sigma 14mm f2.8 lens:
These shots are from the ‘Serial Killer Smile’ EP Launch

The Pentax ‘comparison shot’

More shots with the Pentax at the YMCA HQ show


I found both to render, rather similarly, lots of colour and quite sharp. There is however a bit of ISO grain but that is more due to my poor setting on the camera than anything else. I found auto focus surprisingly enough to be rather comparable on both systems with comparable hit and miss ratios. I did find the Pentax to be more pleasurable to shoot due to the viewfinder. However when the Nex nailed the focus it is sharp beyond belief and the rendering is sublime. The Sigma 14mm lens however could almost be considered a macro lens with how close focusing it is, it’s quite remarkable. You can almost touch the subject you are trying to shoot and still have them sharp, in view and focused.
I am extremely happy with both rigs and for different reasons, the sharpness and rendering of the Sony with it’s 16mm is sublime, and the super close focusing ability of the Pentax with the Sigma 14mm couple with the viewfinder means I can grab some really nice action rock shots. I will continue to keep testing and reporting my results.

For all the shots from the SKS launch, you can find them here:

and for all the shots from our HQ all ages show, you can find them here:

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