BloodKlot: Death Metal on the more traditional side of things…

With the massive boom in popularity of Deathcore over the last 5 years, I have found myself often wondering where that left more traditional Death Metal styles.  Just fine it would seem if you ask some of my more senior Metal Head friends. I think you would hear the same if you asked Perth band ‘BloodKlot’. For they serve up a formidable blend of classic death metal on their debut 2 track disc ‘The Coagulation‘.

Now, as many of you would already know, I am not what anyone would call a traditional Death Metal connoisseur. No not at all. I have always gravitated to the more “Prog-y” and “Math-y” genres of metal. I must however admit that I have always been a sucker for good ‘Slam’ which is often labeled in with ‘Deathcore’ these days, but I have also spent many a night in my youth staying up drinking at mates places with ‘Obituary’, ‘Napalm Death’, ‘Pungent Stench’, ‘Six Feet Under’ etc. etc. bludgeoning away in the background. So I am no stranger to the more classic forms of death.

The first track on The Coagulation, ‘Impaled by The Reaper’ opens with a train like chugging riff setting the ominous stage for what you are about to hear contained within this 2 tracker. The production is actually very tidy, the drums pounded out by Luke Parkinson, sound crisp, clear and tight. The guitars brought by Aaron Mangano and Shane Harrison have a nice attack and sit well in the mix, sounding both thick and defined. Ben Ingram’s bass compliments the whole mix perfectly, you can hear him chugging away under all the great brutality. I think ‘Flamethrower Massacre’ would have to be the standout track for me, it just grabs me right from the start with the superb pounding double kicks, always an attention grabber.

All-in-all I think ‘Bloodklot’ have done a good job on this Debut 2 track disc. Creating something that is very listenable and a harken back to the Death Metal of yester year. I think I have a few friends that would really dig this. I look forward to hearing what comes next from this Perth based Death Metal Quartet.

If you want to check out more from ‘BloodKlot’, they have a Facebook page:

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