Canon Ex-1 Auto: First test roll

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Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago talking about my re-found love of shooting film again and how I looked forward to shooting the Canon Ex-auto as one of those cameras. Well Lisa and I finally finished the roll of film last Saturday and I finally have the first test roll of Fuji Superior back. I was just hoping the shots worked at first and was not expecting anything special. But having a quick peruse now I am pleasantly surprised. The colour rendition seems quite good for a 1972 camera and it still shoots and focus’ great. It does seem to have a little trouble with anything a significant distance away and also things that are reasonably close. I would not say this camera is exceedingly sharp, but I would not say it is soft either. However it does seem a tad slow for a 50mm 1.8 lens, which it has mounted. The battery I also believe was dead, which is no big deal except that all these shots then were taken wide open. I look forward to shooting another test roll in the future with the battery replaced and compare the outcome when I can stop it down a little.

These shots were taken around Joondalup and the last few from up past Butler. I think this camera would be excellent for portraits.


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