First impressions of New Era fish food by Matthew Wallace


This is a first look at a great new fish food range to hit the market in this country. Thanks to Matt or reviewing and sharing his thought with us. Matt is Mattrox a member on our forum

I have been trialing the New Era Rift Lake Green, Rift Lake Red, and Aegis for a couple of weeks now. The texture of the pellet is very interesting, it is soft, but not mushy. I have a very large venustus in with some mbuna, I have been feeding that tank rift lake green. The pellets are about 1mm in diameter and 3 to 4 mm long, the mbuna really do smash it. Due to the texture and plyability of the pellet I am able to squeeze a pinch into a larger pellet to drop in for the venustus. This has been very effective.

In the fish room:

In the hap and peacock tanks I have been using rift lake red. But a couple have labidochromis species, so I do feed some rift lake green in these tanks. I’m not too fussed if the haps and peacocks get the green. All the fish eat the food ravenously.

The mbuna tanks have been fed on rift lake green. Again all fish are really eager to eat the food. More so than ‘normal’.

I have fed the Aegis immune booster food today to all the above tanks. I will do it all this week, and return to the red/green next week.

The baby fish are still being fed NLS Grow and Fish Focus growth, with some of the larger juveniles getting a little bit of the red/green as appropriate.

My impressions are that this food is a quality product. If things continue to be positive it will be added to the range of foods I use in the fish room.  I had just returned from holiday, where for 2 weeks the fish were being looked after and fed every second day, and not much food either.  They were swapped over to the New Era about 1 week after my return and the resumption of ‘normal’ feeding and are still recovering their condition. All the fish are maintaining their stunning colours and they are almost back to peak condition. I also think that the amount of food to give to the fish seems to be less than you would think, I guess a better way of saying it is; it is easy to give the fish too much food, they fill up quickly. I still try to feed what they will clean up in 30 secs, then feed the same amount again, but it took a couple of feeds to work out what this amount of food was. It will be interesting to see how the food is priced when released on the market.


The fish are looking great. Condition is back to normal for most fish (after my 2 weeks away on rations). They absolutely hammer the food like nothing I have ever seen at times. A real feeding frenzy. I’m still impressed with this food. I’m continuing to feed the Rift Lake Red/Green now after a full week on the Aegis. I’ll feed the Red/Green as appropriate until it runs out before going back to Aegis again.


I took a couple of photos to show what the food looks like.

This is the Aegis immune boosting food.

The food can easily be squeezed and rolled into a bigger pellet for feeding to larger fish. This is the Aegis made into a bigger pellet. I only used a small fraction of the amount of food in the previous picture to make this ball of food.

This is the Rift Lake Green and Rift Lake Red side-by-side. The Rift Lake Green has a more flexible and rubbery texture, while the Red is more crumbly. Both can also be squeezed into larger balls of food if required.

Big thanks to Matt for sharing his thoughts on what looks like a great product.

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