Inspirational Moments #2: Tammy Parr


Welcome to the second installment of our ‘Inspirational Moments’ section. I am showcasing the amazing photographic talents of the people who visit PROTAS. If you would like to contribute, have your photos shown here (you get a permanent link back to your photo page) just hit me up on:

Up today is Tammie Parr, she has been helping out local bands in Perth with live photos for a while now and is just starting to try her hand at booking shows now too. Enjoy!


This photo was taken at ‘Murder in the Basement’ using my f1.8 50mm on my Canon 550d.
I like this photo cause of the way the light is on the subject and also think the lines give it a certain flow.

Using the same lens and camera this was taken at ‘Mind Kandy’
I finally learnt that you dont need to take a full photo of the subject but rather what it is that they are doing and I love the way the light sets up this shot.

Same lens and camera.
I love this shot cause the girl is making her own fun by simple means of a colander and some water I caught her pure and genuine enjoyment. What fun on a hot summers day.

You can check out more of Tammie’s work here on her Photography page:

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