Cold Fate: Thrash is back… in Perth!

You see I do not listen to thrash much any more, not since my younger days as a teen worshiping Metallica & Slayer have I really sat through a whole album. I have in my later years focused my listening on the more alternative, some would say “mathy” metals, so it is something I have not done in a long time, sit down and listen to a “thrash” record.

As I listen to Cold Fate’s latest offering, trying to find the right words to begin, the churning, almost train like sample that this intro track builds into is almost mesmerizing with this swirling ominous presence rising in the background, when whack, in kicks the chugging opening to ‘Long Live the King’. I am immediately struck by the high quality of the recording. Very tight, the guitars sound buttery smooth from the chugging rhythms to the sublimely composed lead tones, a complement to both Cameron Nicholas and Josh Fletcher. Matt Carver brings in the low-end while still being audible and complementary to the whole band, something that is often overlooked on many a record, his contribution is definitely note worthy. The drums sound punchy, powerful and precise, delivered in that signature Dave Kilgallon way. Great use of the whole kit, nice quick, full rolls switching feel shifts that seem tack sharp.  The vocal mix sounds clear and crisp, many a chant worthy, thrashy anthem can be found being belted out by Paul Di Scerni on this latest offering ‘Figures in Black’.

Despite all the elements, great they all are, I have to say every time I just keep being drawn back to the amazing lead work on this record. Every track has a face melting moment! I kid you not! Go into listening to this record pre-warned, your face will get melted, right off! From the nostalgic ‘Ashes to Ashes’  & ‘Figures in Black’ to ‘Edge of Hell’ and ‘No Love Lost’ every track showcases a mastery of thrash guitar that I doubt any could deny. But this is a pre-requisite is it not? To play good thrash? Of course it is, just like machine tight pounding bass & drums and commanding vocals, not screamed, not guttural, but commanding. This is, I believe what makes ‘Cold Fate’ such a good thrash band. They understand all the elements and execute them perfectly, everyone performs their set task beautifully and they deliver exactly what they intend to. I am not joking here, I have had the privilege of seeing them live and they deliver, just like the record.

So if you harken back to the good old days, when metal was metal, there was just one genre, metal. And you believe it has all been a downward spiral since, this is definitely the record for you. Hell if you just love face-melting solos this is the record for you… if nothing else, I feel this album would be really good driving music, from it’s pounding grooves, to it’s up-tempo crescendos, to the anthemic chorus’s and acoustic breaks, this is a well executed album which is a tribute to the band… and their producer/engineer who pulled such a great mix.

If you get a chance I definitely recommend you check out ‘Cold Fate’ live, it is definitely a show worth seeing.
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