Broken, crushed, twisted and dried fields…

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Broken, crushed, twisted and dried fields...

Taken on Sony A7r with LAEA4 adapter and Sigma 24mm f2.8 @ f8.

After having shot the original Broken, Crushed and twisted image while shooting my original two test rolls of Kodak 5302 here: Broken, crushed and twisted. I had noted the gorgeous colours in the image with the dried summer grasses. So I had to return the next afternoon with a digi and the exact same lens, so I could try to as close as possible capture the same’ish image but in colour this time.

The framing is sightly different this time as I was shooting freehand, as opposed to with a tripod and a remote cable release. So I could get in a position with a similar framing, however I could avoid the wires from the fields fence…I’m not sure whether this adds or detracts from the image. The clouds were also not quite as good this arvo, still good, just not as good.

I’m not sure if I quite got the colours exactly as I remember them, but still looks pretty good I think. The shot is also nice and sharp and gives a good idea of just how amazingly the Kodak 5302 rendered the composition for film, bit also serves to remind me how much I love my A7r for landscape style shooting and should not neglect it nearly as often as I do. I like this composition as I hope you do too. Have a nice Wednesday and thank you for taking the time to view.

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