Fallen tree and rising palms…

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Fallen tree and rising palms...

Taken on Minolta Dynax 7 with Sigma 24mm f2.8 @F8 with red filter on Kodak 5302, average metered at ISO 6, stand developed in Rodinal and Scanned on Epson 4990

Another shot from my initial two test rolls on Kodak 5302. It really is beautiful film once you get it under control. I am keen to test a couple more rolls when time is permitting. Next time I will hand roll in my dark bag and then load into the camera from inside the dark bag, to eliminate the possibly of any light piping being that the film is n a clear base. I will obviously then unload once finished in the dark bag also. I also need to make sure I add some more agitation in my stand dev both initially and about halfway through, while also making sure to tap the tank thoroughly once done agitating too. So as to make sure I leave no possibility for bromide drag, which has started to creep into my technique over the last couple of rolls. Mainly because I have tried to fit dev’ing in around my duties with the little fella, which I know has compromised my last couple of develops.

I also need to make sure I mix new fixer for my next round of dev’ing as the last two rolls definitely did not clear as much as I would typically like and the last roll of HP5 I dev’ed, definitely had a lot of “dust” which I am most definitely putting down to lots of particulate in my old fixer.

All in all I love the tones of this film and cannot get over the how little grain it has and how much detail it resolves. I look forward to shooting more with it, but in the meantime I have a few more shots from this initial round of testing to share.

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