Happy little fella

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Happy little fella

Taken with my Minolta Dynax 7 with Minolta 50mm f1.8 on Kodak HD200 expired 2005, developed at Camera House Fremantle and Scanned at home on my Epson 4990.


So we had to go into Fremantle on Saturday morning to go take my boy Link to see one of his grandmothers who hadn’t seen him in a while. Since we were heading that way, and I knew Camera House Fremantle would be open and still did in house development with pretty quick turn around, I took the remaining 5 rolls of c41 I had left after my not so successful dev with the latest cheap kit I tried. I have had plenty of success in the past with the Unicolor c41 kits, bu these Cine-Mech kits I tried were rendering physically dark negs which were not scanning well.

So as I had stated previously I wanted to try out sourcing some dev. of c41, camera house is not a pro lab but I knew from previous experience they were competent. So I paid for these five rolls to be developed and sleeved but not scanned, and went off back to our family lunch, all set to come back and pick up my negs later.

…and once returning to pick up my negs I could instantly see they looked perfect. Keen to get home and scan them and having finished our family lunch, we packed up the little fella and made the drive home.

I have not had a chance to scan them all yet, just one roll. These are of course just scanned on my usual crappy Epson 4990 home flat bed scanner. But instantly I could tell it was having an easier time of the job and rendering better results as to be expected.

I will definitely be trying better quality C41 kits for home dev again in the future but it is nice to see that this option is also not too expensive, especially since I get all my sleeving done to, and a very viable option for decent enough results.

I do love getting older rolls back, as they bring back memories of taking the shots. This was taken mid last year when we went to a local park to check out the local food vans. I setup my son on a rug and snapped a few quick portraits. They came out really nice and the Kodak HD200 rendered this beautifully. These Kodak HD emulsions really are nice. Fine grained and great colours.

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