Cloudy summer days

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Cloudy summer days

Taken with my Sony A7r with LAEA4 adapter and Sigma 24mm f2.8 @f8 super wide Alpha mount.

I felt like my digi’s were getting a bit neglected from all the film shooting I’d been doing lately. I had also thought that the last shot I shared on the kodak 5302 ISO 6 b&w film could have really worked well in colour too, due to all the golden dry summer grass. Since I was having trouble with the current C41 kit I had been using and it yielding poor negatives for scanning, I decided to head out the next arvo with my digi’s to capture the shot in colour.

While out that way I decided to try a couple of other spots I had spied nearby. I had to climb a sand hill blocking this field to find this. I wanted to trek a bit more but wasn’t prepared to leave my car for too long and I was wearing inappropriate foot wear. This was mainly scouting for potential future shots too. However I could not help myself taking a few quick snap shots. I was not happy with this one at the time of snapping and still plan to go back with better shoes and get closer to this tall grass. However I am still really quite happy with how this turned out in the end. I think I might try stopping down to F11 next time to get a bit more depth of field too. I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

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