Dry fields, twisted trees and powerlines…

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Dry fields, twisted trees and powerlines...

Taken with Pentax Z1-P and Pentax 35-105mm zoom @F8 on Kodak HD400 expired 2005, Home developed in Cine-Mech C41 kit and scanned on Epson 4990.

A continuation of my recent series of twisted and gnarled trees in countryside fields. This is from the same day I was driving around with my 16 month son a couple of weeks back while there was a large bush fire off in the distance. I was basically just jumping out the car when I saw compositions I liked snapping and jumping back in and moving on before he got too frustrated with me/woke up from napping in the car.It turned out to be quite a nice day with my son, despite the heat, and was enjoyable shooting a couple of rolls of c41 and b&w in the countryside. It’s nice to be finally getting around to dev’ing and scanning the colour rolls.

I do love this Kodak hd400, which is essentially the final form of Kodak Supra before they discontinued this series of emulsions. Basically, there used to be two pro lines of c41 from Kodak. Portra, which we still have today and Supra which has become just a memory. Portra is obviously the fine grained low saturation film for nice skin tones and portraiture, where as Supra was even finer grained at the time and higher saturation for landscapes and product photography etc. Though it still did take nice portraits when required too. I really miss this line of film and am very happy to still have a nice stockpile of both supra and it’s two last iterations before finally being completely phased out. 400UC and HD400/HD200. If you can find some Kodak supra 100, 200, 400 or 800, or 400UC/elite color or HD400/HD200 do give it a try, I bet you will not be disappointed….it’s obviously a lot better if you get a lab to dev and scan too as opposed to my crappy home efforts. haha

I have to note, that I tried a kit that I do not usually use with these rolls and I am not very happy with it to be honest. The rolls look rather dark when physically looking at the negs, which has resulted in grainy scans with lots of artifact due to the scanner having to work so hard to try to get the scan. In the future I’m going to try switching back to my usual unicolor kits or trying something like the compared kits….failing that I will maybe just switch to only shooting actual work in colour and sending to a good lab. We’ll see.

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