My little chubba face

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My little chubba face

Taken on Minolta a7/dynax 7 using Minolta 50mm f1.4 on Kodak hd400 expired 2005. Home developed in Cine-Mech C41 kit and scanned on Epson 4990.

Still going through the 5 rolls I dev’d last Friday and trying to get all the scanning done. Just when I think I’m ready to give up shooting 35mm c41 and sell all my lovely film stocks to focus on larger formats and b&w, I produce some scan or portrait that just makes me start to fall in love with it all over again. I’m still not happy with how these negs came out, they are physically too dark and I can still see scanner lines/artifacts in this scan. So I am all but certain now it is the dev kit I used. Only one way to be sure…get some other more reputable kits and put it to the test. Would be nice if I could nail it down. Note to self and to anyone reading this, don’t skimp on your dev kits, it’s not worth it, the quality of your negs is everything when it comes to scanning and wet printing.

This is of my son last year when he was a fair bit more baby like than the little terror he is right now. haha. Man I love this little guy…and man I love how the Kodak hd400 rendered this shot. I really do want to get my processes down before I seriously consider selling all this great film I have stockpiled.

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