fallen, twisted and burned…

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fallen, twisted and burned...

Shot on my Pentax Z1-p with Pentax smc 35-105mm @F8 on kodak hd400 expired 2005, Home developed in Cine-Mech C41 kit and scanned on Epson 4990.

I decided to develop some of the eleven c41 rolls I had saved up over the weekend. My last unicolor c41 kit had been punctured it seemed and the chems looked off. So I decided to try a home made kit from a Russian eBay seller I had purchased a couple of years ago. I developed 5 rolls and was reasonably happy it worked, however the rolls look quite dark, this and the scans do not look particularly exceptional. I am starting to think I will outsource my c41 deving and scanning again in the future just for ease of time and to help guarantee the results I know I can achieve with the films I have in my stockpile, even if they are getting a little old now. It is a lot of time and effort, which I do not mind, but only if your getting the results you desire. B&W is still easy enough, the scans I get from my old Epson 4990 for that are good enough, and there is less variability and risk. So I will still keep doing that myself. As for e6, I think I will finish my last two Tetenal kits then start outsourcing that also. The more I ponder on this, the more I am just considering just stopping shooting 35mm colour film and just focusing on black and white and my larger formats…keep posted if your keen to buy some great excess films as I sell it off. haha

This is another shot from my drive in the countryside with son the other week. Shot on my Pentax Z1-p with Pentax smc 35-105mm on kodak hd400 expired 2005. I have had much better results than these from this emulsion in the past, I am putting it down to the home made kit I tried.

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  1. erika@hotmail.com'

    The colours in the twisted tree are great. When you say they’re dark, you mean detail in the shadows? I do like the b/ws but I think I’m a bit biased that way myself. I’m procrastinating on my next c41. Black and white seems so more predictable and safe to me. I understand what you are saying about the outsourcing.

    1. When I say dark, I mean the actual negatives have not cleared to their typical orangey colour. They are almost black, like when shooting ecn film and you havn’t thoroughly cleared the remjet. Holding them upto the light they then appear fine, but it’s the same for all of the first 5 rolls I’ve dev’d in this kit regardless of emulsion or age. Subsequently the actual scans are rather thin looking with lots of scanner artifacts, random lines across frames, diagonal scan lines in the sky. I have scanned the negs so many times now trying different things to sort these problems out. I even had to use some noise reduction to try to help with the sky problems resulting in detail loss. Now I am the first one to say that I love c41 for the crapness/uniqueness it produces… But this whole batch, and the amount of time it has taken has just left me having a long hard think about why I shoot what I do. I was gonna just start switching to outsourcing c41 to ensure good results, but the more I thought about it, that’s a lot of money I could devote to other parts of my photography… which is leading me to thinking of selling most of my 135 c41 I have in my film fridge and just focus on shooting B&W, and just keep my 120 c41 and e6 for outsourcing… I dunno, it’s a tough call but I am time poor with my son, and things are tight here on the money side now too. So I just need to make some hard decisions to leave me more free to focus on the aspects of shooting what I love…and B&W fulfills my love of shooting film, fulfills my needs for experimentation and chemistry and rarely leaves me too disappointed with the results. B&W I can finish the roll and dev it right away and the chems store well, c41 and e6 I have to save all the rolls up before mixing the chems and dev’ing as soon as possible before the chems go bad. Etc etc.

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