Twisted trees as far as the eye can see

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Twisted trees as far as the eye can see

This was taken with my Minolta Dynax 7 using my Minolta 28mm f2.8 @f8 on Ilford PanF 50, stand developed in Rodinal and scanned on my Epson 4990.


Was out for a drive with the little man in the countryside yesterday on a super hot day here in Perth. There were massive bushfires on the horizon. He’d fallen a sleep in the car by this point so I was just pulling the car over when I saw things that struck my interest and quickly snapping before jumping back in the car and continuing on. I am always a sucker for gnarled trees in countryside fields. This is a continuation of my gnarled trees post yesterday, though this is one of my favorites, being out in such an open field.

Earlier in the day I had finished a roll of kodak hd400 in this camera and had decided to load a roll of Ilford PanF 50, as I remembered my mate Boris talking about how great it was for hot, bright summer days, especially if stand dev’d in Rodinal. Considering it was a 38 degree day here it was probably a good choice. This was shot using spot metering, though I did switch to zone metering after this and that did result in more blown out highlights, so mental note to self shoot this spot metered for best results I believe.

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