Looking tough

Looking tough

Placed the little fella up on top of the car after dinner at the pub. I took two shots, however this is my favorite.I have plenty of him smiling but this shows his attitude.

This was shot on a roll of Ilford hp5 through my Canon ae-1 as I had originally put this roll in one of my Minolta a7’s. However I thought it had not loaded properly. In my haste to check, I broke the clasp that holds the door closed. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Anyway, I rewound the roll, put it in my darkbag and loaded it into a re-usable canister I use for bulk rolling and then proceeded to shoot the roll in my canon ae-1.

I dev’d this roll in rodinal, using the stand dev method and scanned the negative on my Epson 4990.

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