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I was getting ready to post about how I had decided from now on to take all my c41 to labs for dev and scan and just stick to b&w and e6 for home dev and scan in the future. Mainly after I had struggled to scan the first of the 7 rolls of the c41 I had dev’d the other night. I was worried when the negs had come out a bit dark, which is often the case for the first roll in the unicolor kits for me I find. For two nights I persisted, then during the day today I decided to skip that roll and move onto the next since all the rest of the rolls seemed fine. The next roll (kodak ultramax 800) came out perfect, as did the next, which turned out to be the test roll I had put through the Ricoh singlex TLS I had posted about earlier. The on which I had cleaned up, put new seals in etc. It is a fantastic M42 screw mount mechanical SLR with a built in light meter, that seems as of now to be in perfect working order.

Ricoh Singlex TLS with Riconen 50mm f1.7
Ricoh Singlex TLS with Riconen 50mm f1.7

The test roll is also something I am eager to see as this is the first roll of a rather large stash of 2005 cold stored Kodak HD400 I picked up and have just started to smash into. From this initial test roll I am liking what I see.  I have a couple more shot in this batch so good to see over a couple of rolls. I don’t have time to post all the scans tonight as it is getting late, but here is one from the end of the day last week at work. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

...seat with a view
…seat with a view. 😉 Kodak Hd400 expired 2005 exposed 1 stop over Shot on Ricoh Singlex TLS with Roconen 50mm f1.7 Home developed in paterson hand tank with Unicolor kit Scanned on Epson 4990

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