Test roll of Kodak Ultramax 400iso through my Minolta 500si using Minolta 35-70 F3.5-4.5 zoom

These shots are taken from my first test roll of Kodak Ultramax 400iso film I put through my Minolta 500si to compare to the Fuji Superia Xtra 400iso I had shot previously.

(click on images to see larger & sharper)

These first few shots were taken around my mate Marty’s house. He has spectacular gardens and ponds.

I was driving home after dropping off a film for developing and I saw the sky looked like it was shaping up to be beautiful sunset. So I raced to the nearest shoreline I could get to, so I could snap off a few shots.

Again after dropping off a film for developing (could have even been the same night), however this time it was later at night where only 1 or 2 shops were open in the complex and no-one was around. Normally you are not allowed to take pictures in the shopping center, but with no-one around it made for an interesting subject and there seemed to be no security guards around to stop me. haha


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