Jess and Simon’s wedding…

This past weekend I got the opportunity to travel down to Margaret River for the wedding of two close friends of ours, Jess and Simon. The ceremony and the reception were held at the beautiful Vasse Felix estate at this perfect time of year.

As is most often usual I took my two trusty nex’s, my Nex5 and my Nex5n. As mentioned in my last post I have also been testing these new Lens Turbo adapters produced under the Zongyi branding by manufacturer Mitakon. The lens turbo is basically a focal reducer allowing you to get fullframe field of view and depth of field on an apsc nex. While being a fantastic tool for ones kit, it is not without it’s drawbacks, but more on this in a later review of the lens turbo.

The ceremony was beautiful as it was great to see two friends so happy tie the knot. The reception was equally nice and I enjoyed taking some snapshots of this fantastic event. I was not the official photographer of this event, these are just some happy snaps that I took and I had a bit of a play with processing them. On the weekend I shot my Minolta 21mm f2.8 on my trusty old Nex5 on lens turbo and I was using my recently acquired Zeiss Pancolar 50 1.8 on Nex5n with lens turbo, I also shot a few later in the reception with my asahi 105 2.8.

There are too many shots to show one by one so I will put them in a slideshow here, feel free to follow the link to view them in full on photobucket if you desire. I have added softening and such in post processing of these shots, so no real indication of lens performances here. The first 5 or so shots are from Nex5 with Minolta 21mm f2.8, the next majority of shots are taken on myNex5n with Zeiss Pancolar 50 1.8 until the speeches when I switch to my asahi 105 f2.8: (as usual photobucket is displaying the shots in reverse order, I appologise)

Hood_66's Jess and Simons wedding album on Photobucket

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