Playing with longer exposures for sunsets with the TOU Five Star 24mm f2.8 on Nex5n

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Tou five star lens picTou five star lens image

Almost every year, there are exceptions however, my company usually breaks for 2 weeks over Christmas as the whole stone industry over here in Perth grinds to a halt. For myself it is always a welcomed forced holiday. As usual for myself I had acquired a few new goodies for my camera bag in the lead up to Christmas and was eager to get out and give them a whirl. One of which was my new TOU Five Star 24mm f2.8 manual focus lens. From initial tests I was very impressed by this relatively no-name lens as it was macro focusing, down to 0.25 of a meter, and it’s contrast and sharpness were acceptable. I had also acquired a remote for my Nex5n so I could achieve long exposures without having to carefully push the shutter myself trying my hardest not to move the camera at the same time. So when the opportunity came up and I was asked to go meet some fellow photographers from the ‘Photographers In Perth’ photography group on Facebook, to shoot some sunsets down at the beautiful Iluka beach, I jumped at the chance.

(I must apologize, photobucket seems to be playing up with my paid storage and is reducing my images to 1080px instead of my usual 2048. I will try to rectify this as soon as possible, even if I have to pull my paid subscription from their service and switch to their direct competitor Flickr)
Edit: 15/3/2013: Have just fixed the problem, all images can now be viewed at 2048px.

Sunset with TOU five star 24mm f2.8 on Nex5n
(as usual click on images to view larger and sharper)

As it was a short notice thing, I grabbed my camera and lens and rushed out the door, so as to be on time to meet my fellow photographers before sunset. I raced down to the Iluka beach park and quickly found parking even though it was rather busy at this popular spot. I gathered up my camera and tripod, then realized I had forgotten my remote. “dammit”, I thought to myself. Oh well, I had plenty of practice at being gentle clicking the shutter for long exposures, so it was fine. haha
I quickly headed down to the beach where I expected to meet my friends, but there was no sign of them. I later found out that they had decided it was too busy at this particular beach and gone to another. So I climbed over some of the rocks to find a nice alcove to shoot from on a more secluded part of the beach, setup my tripod, mounted my camera with lens and fitted a Kalt Poloriser to the Tou Five Star 24mm and waited for the sun to start to get low enough to emit good colours. I must admit the clouds looked great this day, and I can never be more thankful for the sunset over the ocean we get here in WA.

4 sec exposure sunset with tou five star 24mm

(this is a 4 second exposure)

Once the sun started to drop to a point where I was happy with lighting and colours I started to snap away playing with different exposure lengths and apertures. I must admit most shots displayed here where shot at F22 to keep light to a minimum to allow myself longer exposure times, though there are a few quicker exposures here too.
The first too images displayed here where slightly tweaked as per usual in Photoshop, though I recently acquired Lightroom and have started playing with that, so the rest where exported straight out of light room as a little test to see how output cam out. I feel they may be a little dark but hopefully still acceptable. Please let me know if too dark for you etc. and I can rectify this in the future.

Sunset on TOU Five Star on Nex5n

(this one may be a little close focused compared to the rest, I was also playing with depth, the rest were shot at infinity I believe. I do like the look of the water draining off the rock on the left.)

Sunset taken on TOU five star on Nex5n

(There is something about seagulls at sunset that is just majestic.)


Sunset taken using TOU five star 24mm on NEx5n

(this one was taken at 1/8 of a second to give that feeling of movement)

Sunset taken using TOU five star 24mm on NEX5n

(I love the action of the wave crashing to the left and the seagulls taking flight to the right.)
Sunset shot with my TOU five star 24mm on Nex5n

(And one last one, another eighth of a second shot with gulls and surging water.)

I have a fair few more shots from this afternoon shoot, but I won’t bore you with them all. haha
As you can see this is a great little setup, it was a fantastic afternoon, and I think I will be using this fantastic little 24mm more often…
I think this was a good little test to put it through it’s paces. It does exhibit a tiny bit of barrel distortion at the edges, but that is easily fixed in post through light room.
I think a few of these shots are a tad dark, but I am just getting used to outputting them through light room, I will try to adjust accordingly in the future.
Thanks for taking the time to check my photos and mini test of this fine and pretty affordable little lens.
Until next time,
Happy snapping my friends. 🙂

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