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…Melbourne trip 2013… an eerie recollection

How can you not love the street art of Melbourne?
How can you not love the street art of Melbourne?

Having posted the photos from our recent Melbourne trip yesterday, it reminded me that I had never actually posted my snaps from the last time I went to Melbourne in 2013 as part of a work trip. It’s quite trippy how reminiscent both sets of images are I think. I only got a couple of hours to walk the streets on my own with my cam to make the most of it. I do not remember all the stories that go with these now, so instead will allow the images to speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

All images were taken on little sony Nex5n with my voigtlander 35mm 1.4, Jupiter 8 50mm f2 or Spiratone 20mm f2.8 manual focus lenses.
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Melbourne in December…beautiful!

I have done rather limited traveling in my adult life. In fact I have never really been on a proper trip in my adult life other than for work. Which was also to Melbourne a few years back. (I still need to post those pics actually. haha) Ever since I was determined to go back and take my girl with me.

You're in the free tram zone...
“You’re in the free tram zone…” Taken on Sony A7r with Minolta 50mm f1.2 manual focus lens; edited on IPhone4s with snapseed.

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It’s about time I picked things back up…

Wow, looking at my last post about getting my A7r being from November 2013, I feel almost ashamed knowing it is now early/mid October 2014 as I sit down to write this. Saying that, admittedly I was already starting to fall behind last year… I still have many great shots from a trip to Melbourne in October last year and a second lot from our trip to Margaret river last year amongst others from Nick and Kaylene’s wedding which we shot the video for etc. etc.. haha
I will have to get around to doing belated posts for some of these, I intend to make an effort to get back to more regular content on here.
(as usual click on images to see larger and sharper)

...old man walking;melbourne trip 2013
…old man walking;Melbourne trip 2013 – Nex5n w/voigtlander 35mm f1.4
Nick and Keylene's wedding nov 2013 - Sony A7r w/spiratone 17mm f3.2
Nick and Keylene’s wedding nov 2013 – Sony A7r w/spiratone 17mm f3.2

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It’s time for an update. Protas V1.2 & 3/4

So, I felt it was about time our little sight had an upgrade in appearance…
…What do you guys think?

I’m still ironing out a few bugs so bare with us while I try to iron out said bugs.

I think the new layout is great and has a new spacious feel to it. haha
I think I can get used to this for a while.

I have also added more mobile functionality to the site. It should be much easier to view from Mobile phones now, as well as the all new Desktop site visual upgrade.
Please do let me know your thoughts.

This is just a quick update for now, but I do have a lot of great articles coming up for you.
For the Photography buffs, I have been playing with the all new Pentax K30 and the not so new but equally matched Sony Nex5n since I got these for my birthday just past. Great presents… if not a little quirky. I have also been having a play with a few HDR software packages with varying success.

However this Sony 16mp sensor that is in each is quite a nice performer.
I have been taking plenty of test shots so hope to have a review of each for you soon.
(As usual please click on images to see larger and sharper)

Lisa took this on my Pentax K30 using my Pentax SMC-F 35-135mm zoom lens

I took this on Pentax K30 using my Pentax SMC-F 35-135mm zoom, this is actually a stitch of 17 images

I took this on Sony Nex5n using my Meyer Gorlitz 29mm f2.8 manual focus lens

I took this of my favourite beer shop using my Sony Nex5n using my Carl Zeiss Felktagon macro 35mm f2.8 manual focus lens

I took this on Nex5n using my Miida 35mm f2.8 manual focus lens

I have also started a new group here in Perth called: 1 Day in 1 Roll
The idea being that everyone who is interested joins our little Facebook group then goes out and shoots and entire roll of film on a date each month decided upon by the group.
The idea being we get a day in the life of Perth as shot by different photographers, using different gear on different films, whilst also supporting the local film developers.
Tomorrow Saturday the 27th is our first day out, I really look forward to seeing everyones shots.
If you feel you may be interested in this please join our little group here:
…on a side note the leaderville camera markets are on again this Sunday. Any camera buff should check it out.

We also have lots of interviews coming up, namely Perth heavyweight Tusk will be up next. Along with some great reviews of some great new material being released by some great bands.

It’s all looking up here at PROTAS so make sure you keep checking back to see what is going on.
Till next time,
Have a good one my friends.

Gotta love it when people try to help….

I was hoping to get a larger post up tonight about my shooting on the weekend with Ilford XP2 film and Kodak Ektar film. Both fantastic performers and I am thoroughly happy.

However I am running a bit late after trialling new bass players for the band this afternoon after work. Then I realised I had not done a ‘Paranoid Ramblings’ post in a while. So I thought it apt that I share this observation a friend took the time to share with me a few months back now.

You have to love photographers that are all too keen to share their knowledge. 😀


Till next time,
Look after yourselves guys.

A guitar play through: A video I made this afternoon…

I’d been thinking about it for a while, but as of yet had not found the time. So when I found myself twiddling my thumbs and refreshing the internet this afternoon, the thought came to me that I should just go get it done. It was time for me to shoot a guitar play through of my bands latest single, ‘As One’.

Thinking about how I was going to setup as I walked to my camera/lens/tool desk, the first thing I decided was I needed to use an auto lens since I was going to be shooting myself playing the guitar. I figured using the kit 18-55mm was the best choice, as it would make it easier to make frame adjustments as I line the camera up to shoot myself. Next thing I pulled a stool into my home studio ‘Isolation Studios’ and set my small pod stand up on top of the stool with my Nex-5 and 18-55mm kit zoom aimed in the general direction of where I would be playing. Next thing I cued up track on my DAW to play through my PA, setup my amp and tuned my guitar, then did this little trick with my wireless mouse where I place the cursor on top of the play button then carefully lift the mouse up and walk away. Now I can just click the left mouse button to start after I have pushed record on the camera.

It took me a few goes to get the framing right, but I got it in the end. I purposefully chose to chop my head out as I wanted the focus to be on the fretboard and what was being played. I think all in all the final product works for it’s intended purpose, and I am quite proud of it. As I produced the song in my home studio and now I have shot my own guitar play through vid too. I hope you enjoy!


You can check out more from my band, ‘From Isolation’ here:


Kodak files for bankruptcy – A whole generation will never know ‘A Kodak Moment’

It turns out that as of January 19th 2012 Kodak filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Southern district of New York.
As it turns out they have been in a downward decline for the last few years, having trouble with adapting to the new digital world. It does seem funny that the company that was seen as the big yellow grandaddy of photography, seems to have been all but sunk by it’s own brainchild, digital photography.

Having dominated the world of film, it seems they were slow in coming to grips with the fast uptake of digital photo taking worldwide. Instead of embracing this new digital world by creating new devices to participate in the race, it seems they feared for it and instead tried to protect their dying film business. Ultimately it would seem it would be their downfall.
So what will it be for the cherished technologies produced by Kodak,  that people still enjoy to this day? Will it mean the end for all they have created? What will happen to their beloved sensor used in Leica digital cameras and their famed Kodachrome films?

Thankfully it would seem no. Last year they offloaded their sensor technologies to a holding firm, who is now looking at offering this intellectual property to the highest bidder. Rumor has it that Samsung and Sony are currently in a bidding war for this technology. I personally would hope that Sony would acquire it, as it is widely believed their sensors in the NEX-5n very closely rival that of the Kodak sensor used in Leica cameras. So lets hope that technology goes to a company who knows how to implement it.

As for Kodak’s classic films… The rumor mills believe Fuji is in the process of making a bid for the Kodak factory and film technologies.
It would seem all is not lost. The great technologies they created will live on, albeit re-branded.

So what will happen to the Kodak name in the future?  Who knows?… the most probable outcome will be that after all the technological bones have been picked, the name will be sold off and most likely just become a brand name tacked on cheap knock off cameras in the future. It is very sad for a company that was once the unquestionable giant of photography, to now have been reduced to but a shell of everything their founder worked for. It would seem Fuji is our new photography visionary for the future?

It is sad to think of the generations that will now pass through this world never knowing what a ‘Kodak moment’ is…

Neighbours from hell!

It has been since day dot, since the very moment we have moved in…
… we have had the neighbours from hell!
We have had everything from used needles thrown into our backyard, to being robbed by them and our car stolen, to having them up on their roof last Christmas at 3am throwing rocks and screaming abuse at us for hours!

Well this afternoon I was doing some changes on some of my fish tanks and stripping some females that were about to pop, when there was a knock on the door. It was 2 detectives wanting to gain access to our backyard to investigate something to do with the neighbours behind us. So I let them through and next thing you know they were gone, up over the fence.
So, figuring they were off doing their thing, I went back to what I was doing in the fishroom, when there was another knock on the door.
This time it was a guy from the neighbours across the road. He had decided at this very time to come and have a go at me for using my camera out the front of my house lately. I politely said it had nothing to do with him and that I was just performing test shots for my-page (here), I even gave him my business card.
That seemed to get him to go away for now. Next thing you know the two detectives are back at the front door saying they made arrests at the house behind us and to call if we have any problems.
‘Excellent’ I think to myself, ‘it’s over!’. However this is not the case, ’cause now here comes the drunk cretin from across the road, now with friends in tow…

…. I ended up diffusing it all reasonably peacefully in the end, but it is still something I would rather not have to deal with.
I am over living around here, with all it’s problems… One day, I will escape!