Ponds, cows and summer clouds…

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Ponds, cows and summer clouds...

Taken with Sony A7r and Zeiss 35mm f2.8 @f8

I had logged this spot away on a recent scouting expedition but had not been game to actually drive down to it as it was quite off road. I had seen there was some water down an off road track with some reeds, but at the time I was in my car which I was unsure of it being up to the task of getting down to it.

Wistful summer days

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Wistful summer days

Taken with Sony A7r using Laea4 adapter and Minolta APO 100-300mm.

The mrs and I weren’t sure how to entertain the little fella on Saturday morning. So we decided to take him for a walk in Yanchep national park. We hadn’t been there since before he was born. He loved the ducks and other birds.

Broken, crushed, twisted and dried fields…

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Broken, crushed, twisted and dried fields...

Taken on Sony A7r with LAEA4 adapter and Sigma 24mm f2.8 @ f8.

After having shot the original Broken, Crushed and twisted image while shooting my original two test rolls of Kodak 5302 here: Broken, crushed and twisted. I had noted the gorgeous colours in the image with the dried summer grasses. So I had to return the next afternoon with a digi and the exact same lens, so I could try to as close as possible capture the same’ish image but in colour this time.

Fallen tree and rising palms…

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Fallen tree and rising palms...

Taken on Minolta Dynax 7 with Sigma 24mm f2.8 @F8 with red filter on Kodak 5302, average metered at ISO 6, stand developed in Rodinal and Scanned on Epson 4990

Another shot from my initial two test rolls on Kodak 5302. It really is beautiful film once you get it under control. I am keen to test a couple more rolls when time is permitting.

Happy little fella

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Happy little fella

Taken with my Minolta Dynax 7 with Minolta 50mm f1.8 on Kodak HD200 expired 2005, developed at Camera House Fremantle and Scanned at home on my Epson 4990.


So we had to go into Fremantle on Saturday morning to go take my boy Link to see one of his grandmothers who hadn’t seen him in a while. Since we were heading that way, and I knew Camera House Fremantle would be open and still did in house development with pretty quick turn around, I took the remaining 5 rolls of c41 I had left after my not so successful dev with the latest cheap kit I tried. I have had plenty of success in the past with the Unicolor c41 kits, bu these Cine-Mech kits I tried were rendering physically dark negs which were not scanning well.

Cloudy summer days

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Cloudy summer days

Taken with my Sony A7r with LAEA4 adapter and Sigma 24mm f2.8 @f8 super wide Alpha mount.

I felt like my digi’s were getting a bit neglected from all the film shooting I’d been doing lately. I had also thought that the last shot I shared on the kodak 5302 ISO 6 b&w film could have really worked well in colour too, due to all the golden dry summer grass. Since I was having trouble with the current C41 kit I had been using and it yielding poor negatives for scanning, I decided to head out the next arvo with my digi’s to capture the shot in colour.

Broken, crushed and twisted…

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Broken, crushed and twisted...

Taken with Minolta Dynax 7 and Sigma 24mm f2.8 @ f8 with red filter on Kodak 5302, stand developed in rodinal and scanned on my epson 4990.


I’ve had two 100ft rolls of this Kodak 5302 b&w duplicating film in my film fridge for a couple of years now and it’s been itching at my mind lately that I really want to get out and test shooting some. I kept having this idea that it could potentially be great for Landscapes and long exposures. So I took one bulk roll out of my fridge and hand rolled two small rolls in my dark bag. It was Friday afternoon after work and there were some great clouds in the sky, so I went out to have a play.

Dry fields, twisted trees and powerlines…

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Dry fields, twisted trees and powerlines...

Taken with Pentax Z1-P and Pentax 35-105mm zoom @F8 on Kodak HD400 expired 2005, Home developed in Cine-Mech C41 kit and scanned on Epson 4990.

A continuation of my recent series of twisted and gnarled trees in countryside fields. This is from the same day I was driving around with my 16 month son a couple of weeks back while there was a large bush fire off in the distance. I was basically just jumping out the car when I saw compositions I liked snapping and jumping back in and moving on before he got too frustrated with me/woke up from napping in the car.

My little chubba face

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My little chubba face

Taken on Minolta a7/dynax 7 using Minolta 50mm f1.4 on Kodak hd400 expired 2005. Home developed in Cine-Mech C41 kit and scanned on Epson 4990.

Still going through the 5 rolls I dev’d last Friday and trying to get all the scanning done. Just when I think I’m ready to give up shooting 35mm c41 and sell all my lovely film stocks to focus on larger formats and b&w, I produce some scan or portrait that just makes me start to fall in love with it all over again.

Kangaroos, nst, nst, nst… Kangaroos…


Kangaroos, nst, nst, nst... Kangaroos...

Taken with my Minolta Dynax 7 using my Minolta 28mm f2.8 on Kodak 400uc expired 2005, Home developed in Cine-Mech C41 kit and scanned on Epson 4990.

I actually now remember going out and shooting this rolls before my son was even born. So that means I actually shot this roll over two years ago at Yanchep national park. I remember stumbling across these roos and just ducking down close to a log behind them to try and compose a decent shot. I think the outcome could have definitely been a lot worse.